about us

As our name indicates, Cuba News Today is a news portal that reflects the reality of Cuba and Cubans, both inside and outside the island.

We offer interactive and digital content. We want to be a voice for Cubans in the digital era and for those citizens of the world interested in the social, political and cultural life of Cuba.

In addition, we intend to be an effective channel of contact with our readers. 21st century journalism for Cuba has to be done not only by journalists but also by audiences. We believe in citizen journalism as a goal and intention.

Our goal is to provide truthful, objective, relevant and important information so that readers around the world can make decisions and evaluate reality based on hard facts and not opinions. There is an overabundance of opinions on the Cuban issue.

In Cuba News Today readers can find information on current affairs, sports, science, culture…, as well as a Questions and Answers section where we answer those questions that appear most frequently on the Internet about Cuban reality and life.

In this way, Cuba News Today goes one step further. It wants to be a recognized voice for Cubans and also a gateway for those who want to know our country, its people, its customs, its complex and diverse reality.

We are one more media in the complex concert of alternative information media about Cuba. We are distinguished by a look far from political differences. We prefer to base ourselves on the facts, on what really happens and what is said in the Cuban streets. And we transmit it to the world using the most universal language: English.

We firmly believe that reporting is not a crime, but we also believe that doing journalism in times of fakenews dominance demands journalistic responsibility. We want to aim for that horizon of truth, responsibility and ethics.

Our small team of reporters and contributors works tirelessly to offer relevant information to our users.

We are a young site of news and information about Cuba, but we dream big and we want to become a reference for the digital press dealing with Cuba. We count on you.

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