Aeromexico airline returns to Cuba with one flight per day

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After two years of inactivity, the Cuban connection of the Mexican airline Aeromexico was reestablished last Sunday, October 30, with the arrival of a flight from Mexico City to Havana.

We already needed the reestablishment of this connectivity, since both governments are making great efforts to strengthen the air link between our capitals, said Mexico’s ambassador to the ILA, Miguel Diaz, during the welcoming of this inaugural flight.

Diaz also stressed that the two governments, Mexican and Cuban, continue to work to reestablish maritime travel (both passenger and cargo) that was affected by the impact of the Sars-Cov-2 virus.

The good news of the day, Diaz insisted, is that Aeromexico is returning to Cuba with a daily flight and with the commitment and professionalism that define this airline.

The ambassador emphasized that the reestablishment of the air link generates opportunities for tourist travel, family reunion, business travel and other commercial matters.

Díaz added that this flight marks the beginning of another chapter towards the reestablishment of normalcy, interrupted by the pandemic.

Ignacio Cabrera, recently appointed consul of Mexico in Cuba, was one of the 73 passengers who boarded the Boeing 737-800 on the inaugural flight of this new stage of Aeromexico in Cuba, reported the Cuban News Agency (ACN).

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Aeromexico first flew to Cuba in 2011, but in 2020 it had to suspend operations as a result of covid-19.

Fernando Esqueda, Aeromexico’s commercial director, indicated that there will be a daily flight between Havana and Mexico City, with capacity for 160 people.

According to the executive, Aeromexico is currently focused on reestablishing the passenger flow that existed before the COVID-19 epidemic halted the vast majority of air operations.

He also mentioned how popular the island is with Mexican tourists and expressed his delight at being able to visit Cuba once again.

Aeromexico’s Senior Vice President of Global Sales, Giancarlo Mulinelli, recently highlighted that the company is pleased to reconnect its visitors with Havana’s splendor, history, culture and gastronomic richness, after a pause caused by the pandemic situation.

The businessman said that with this reopening, the airline reiterates its commitment to continue building and expanding its network of connections to connect Mexico with the most important cities in the world.

According to the airline’s statistics, in August 2022 they executed around 570 daily flights, completing some 90 routes, both domestic and foreign.

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