Cuban diver Anisley García wins sports scholarship and will train in Russia

Cuban diver Anisley García

Cuban diver Anisley Garcia is expected to arrive in the Russian city of Kazan in early February, after being invited to train at the international water sports center located there.

The queen of ornamental diving at the recent I Pan American Youth Games Cali 2021 will spend a year in Russia, as announced by the national commissioner Milagros Gonzalez.

This was announced by González to JIT, who also announced other news related to the national pre-selection that trains at the Baraguá Swimming Pool Complex.

“Attending a training center sponsored by the international federation (Fina) should be very beneficial. She will be able to develop her training plan in a more constant way and with first class means, besides competing more frequently,” said González.

Tuti – as Anisley is called – will be the second Cuban invited to that school in the diving specialty. During 2021, Carlos Daniel Ramos prepared there, who took advantage of the opportunity to set up a diving program with higher degrees of difficulty.

A specialist on the platform and with good performances from the springboards, Tuti is the main Cuban figure in women’s diving. However, in recent seasons, the international participation of Cuban divers has been affected for various reasons.

The year that is beginning does not bring good news in that sense either, after the postponement of the Fukuoka world championship to 2023.

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The qualifying event for the Central American and Caribbean Games of San Salvador 2023 seems to be the only competition to be faced, but it still has no definite date or venue.

The World Diving World Series is on the international calendar, with four phases between March and June, but access is by invitation and no Cubans are included.

In relation to the national team, the commissioner said that the enrollment remains at 18 and is already training at its headquarters in the Baragua Swimming Pool Complex.

The technical team is directed by Hugo Pérez de Corcho and includes Yuderka Alemán, Víctor Manuel Toranzo, Dailet Valdés and María Elena Carmuza, recently incorporated.

The latter was the “discoverer” of La Tuti in the swimming pools of the Havana Sports City and led her to achieve her first results.

World medalist Jeinkler Aguirre, who is starting his retirement process from active sports and has a lot to contribute to the younger generations, in addition to learning the coaching profession, will soon join the coaching staff.

As for local competitions, in Cuba, it was learned that in early June the national championship will be held, in which all members of the pre-selection will be shown, in addition to guests from the provinces and the development center for young people who live in the province of Matanzas.

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