ETECSA’s “QUINTUPLE Your Recharge + Unlimited Internet” Offer – A Game Changer for 2024


The beginning of 2024 marks a new chapter for ETECSA, Cuba’s primary telecommunications company, as it introduces an exciting promotion that’s capturing the attention of its customers in Cuba.

This special offer, titled “Quintuple Your Recharge + Unlimited Internet,” aims to significantly enhance the value of international recharges for users within the country.

Comprehensive Promotion Details

From January 12th to 21st, 2024, ETECSA customers receiving international recharges ranging from 500 to 1250 CUP will experience a fivefold increase in their recharged balance.

For instance, a recharge of 500 CUP will boost the user’s main balance to 2500 CUP. Moreover, this promotion includes the added benefit of unlimited internet access from midnight to 7:00 a.m., valid for 30 days following the last recharge.

Unlimited Internet Activation and Validity

The unlimited internet feature activates once the user receives their final recharge during the promotional period.

This service allows users unrestricted access to both national and international websites during the specified nightly hours. Regular data rates apply outside this window.

Prioritization in Data Usage

ETECSA has established a clear hierarchy for data usage during this promotion. The unlimited internet bonus takes priority, followed by the Daily Bundle, Messaging Bundle, and Data Bonuses (both national and international). This ensures uninterrupted service continuity.

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Utilizing the Main Balance

The main balance obtained through this promotion is versatile. It can be used for national and international calls, purchasing data packages and plans, and even for transferring balances or activating additional plans.

Additional Benefits and Restrictions

It’s important to note that while the promotion extends the mobile line’s validity to 330 days, it doesn’t prolong the validity of existing data and SMS plans. Users can perform multiple recharges, provided the main balance doesn’t exceed 500,000 CUP.

Recharge Methods and Costs

Recharges must be carried out through authorized international sites, with prices set by distributors based on transaction fees and exchange rates. Authorized websites include DTone, Ding, Recargas a Cuba, and others.

User Notifications

Customers in Cuba will receive SMS notifications upon receiving a promotional recharge, subject to line coverage and activation. Balance inquiries can also confirm the recharge.

This ETECSA promotion presents an outstanding opportunity for users in Cuba to maximize the value of their international recharges, enhancing their communication and internet access experience significantly.

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