Cubacel: Next Phone Recharge to Cuba

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If you’re looking for information on the next recharge for Cuba, you’re in the right place. Here we bring you the most recent offers and promotions offered by the sole telephone operator in Cuba.

Etecsa, the telecommunications company of Cuba, has announced the upcoming international recharge, which will be active from September 18 to September 22. Let’s delve into the details.

The Promotion Details

Cubacel customers who secure an international recharge falling between the range of 500 CUP to 1250 CUP will unlock a chance to bag substantial bonuses. Here are the specifics:

  • Main Balance: Receive FIVE TIMES the recharged amount in your main balance.
  • Data: Gain 25GB for use across all networks.
  • Unlimited Internet: Enjoy unlimited internet access from midnight to 7 am.

Bonuses remain active for 30 days starting from the recharge date.

This promotion kicks off at 00:01 hours on September 18, 2023 (Cuba time) and wraps up at 23:59 hours on September 22, 2023. Bonuses including data, minutes, SMS, and unlimited internet are activated immediately upon recharge receipt.

If you have valid data bonuses and choose to take advantage of this new offer, your resources will be added to the bonuses of the promotion and the validity date will be established based on the date of the most recent recharge received.

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Please note that this International Recharge promotion does NOT apply to recharges made at MLC Stores. You can purchase an International Recharge using the USD account of the MiTransfer Exchange.

With the bonuses from this promotion, you can navigate both nationally and internationally. Remember that the discount is applied per MB consumed.

To receive this promotion, the user in Cuba must receive an SMS informing them about the status of their main balance and the activated bonuses. Let’s remember that notification SMS have a validity period, and to receive them, they depend on having their mobile active and in a place with adequate coverage.

Customers can check the status of their account by sending an SMS to 222266#. Remember that you can make multiple recharges in the promotion period as long as you do not exceed the maximum principal balance amount.

What are your thoughts on this updated Cubacel recharge promotion?

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cuba cell phone recharge promotion

Best Site to Send Top-ups to Cuba

There are several options to send mobile top-ups to Cuba. Here are some of the sites that offer this service:


One of the most affordable and fastest options to send top-ups to Cuba is Cuballama.

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Fonmoney provides a reliable and efficient service to keep your loved ones in Cuba connected.


Fonoma is known for its speed and efficiency in the mobile top-up service to Cuba.


We present another option, DimeCuba, to consider when you need to send a top-up to Cuba.


Islacel offers an easy and safe option to send top-ups to Cuba.

In addition to these options, there are other platforms to consider:


Ding offers the ability to send top-ups to all operators in Cuba and has promotions for Cubacel top-ups, Nauta top-ups, and packages.

Boss Revolution

Boss Revolution offers a free app to send mobile top-ups to Cuba, providing a secure, fast, and easy way to top-up at any time and place.

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Rebtel offers a commission-free option to send top-ups to Cuba, with the credit being sent in USD via Cubacel and received in CUP.


According to its website, Cubatel has over three hundred thousand users who top up through its platform. This company offers top-up services for mobile phones and Nauta accounts in Cuba.

In summary, there are many options available to send mobile top-ups to Cuba, each with its own advantages and prices. It is recommended to compare the options and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Etecsa’s Services That Can Be Paid from Abroad

Etecsa offers the option to buy, pay for, and recharge several of its products and services from abroad, such as:

  • Purchase of a mobile line
  • Purchase of cell phones
  • Purchase of combined plans (data, SMS, minutes)
  • Recharges (Cubacel and Nauta)
  • Payment of the telephone bill
  • CubacelTur: a service for tourists visiting Cuba, which includes the purchase of a temporary telephone line with a 30-day lifespan from activation and a basic package of 6 GB + 100 MIN + 100 SMS.

More Information about CubacelTur

You can request your CubacelTur line at any Etecsa commercial unit.

If you arrive at José Martí International Airport Terminal 3, you can receive the line at the Cubatur point of sale, which is open 24 hours a day.

  • To check the service, dial *222#. 
  • To check the offer, dial *222*887# (*222*TUR#).

Keep in mind that purchasing additional packages will not extend the validity of the line.

transfermovil app cuba Why has ETECSA limited telephone recharges from Transfermóvil?

Etecsa and the Recharge Business to Cuba

Phone balance in Cuba functions as a form of currency.

People in Cuba exchange their phone balance for cash, making international top-ups to Cuba a unique form of remittance.

Some individuals use the balance recharged from abroad to convert it into Cuban pesos. For example, the recipient of the recharge keeps the bonus and transfers the main balance to another user in exchange for cash payment.

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How Much Does ETECSA Earn from Mobile Recharges?

Mobile top-ups from abroad are an important source of income for ETECSA, the Cuban telecommunications company and monopoly, and for the Cuban government.

The exact amount that ETECSA receives from top-ups is not clear due to the Cuban business system’s lack of transparency in disclosing information about its revenues and expenses.

transfermovil app cuba

Some independent estimates put ETECSA’s monthly income from telephone recharges made from abroad at approximately $20 million, though this may not be accurate.

Keep in mind that Cubacel promotions have evolved from monthly to almost bi-weekly and it is common to hear of two ETECSA promotions in the same month.

foreign exchange market in Cuba Cuban government to buy foreign currency at 120 cuban pesos, but will not sell

Additionally, the number of telephone lines in Cuba and the number of people accessing the Internet through mobile data have both been growing steadily in the past decade, which could indicate that the business of international recharges is not yet at its peak.

It’s also worth noting that recharges tend to experience seasonal “peaks” around holidays such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve.

According to a senior ETECSA executive in 2017, the money from international top-ups is used to cover investments and modernize the company’s networks, but also contributes to the country and supports other social projects.

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  1. All those web sites suggested in articles are almost like a scams. They ask 25 or more USD for so called “PROMOTIONS” to get 500 “PESOS”. That is fake and scam, including Cubacell promotions.

    Person in Cuba for 25 USD converted to pesos on street, can buy 9 “extra plans” for 500 pesos from Cubacel and get in total : 63GB of data + 675min + 720 sms.

    But there is one web site that offers best Cuba phone topups and transfers to MLC card (now really at 0% fee) that you have not listed on your site and that it bitremesas

    I am using that site for almost 2 years. Why have you not listed that site?

    1. Thank you for your comment and for sharing your personal experiences. It seems like you’ve found a website – Bitremesas, which effectively meets your requirements for recharges and money transfers to Cuba. We apologize for not having mentioned this site earlier, and we appreciate you bringing it to our attention. We will include Bitremesas in our list of recommended resources. It’s crucial to remember, however, that experiences can vary among users. Therefore, it’s always advisable to conduct your own research before using any service. Your contribution will undoubtedly be beneficial for other readers in search of reliable methods to recharge or transfer money to Cuba.

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