Russian Tourist Influx to Cuba Shows Remarkable Growth

Russian tourists on a beach in Cuba

In a striking development, the flow of Russian tourists to Cuba has seen a significant increase.

Data from January through October reveals an impressive count of 146,300 Russian visitors to Cuba.

This figure is a substantial 3.5 times higher compared to the same timeframe last year, as reported by the Russian Tour Operators Association (ATOR).

A Notable Rise from Previous Years

This remarkable growth in Russian tourists visiting Cuba was highlighted in a press release issued by ATOR to foreign media based in Moscow.

During the corresponding months in 2022, approximately 42,700 Russians had visited the Caribbean nation.

The provided statistics clearly demonstrate an increasing trend in choosing Cuba as a travel destination.

Additionally, they rank Russia as the third highest in terms of the number of its nationals traveling to Cuba, trailing only behind Canada and the United States.

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Expectations for a Record-Breaking Year

ATOR has expressed optimism that the first half of December might surpass the record set in 2019, before the Covid-19 pandemic.

During that period, nearly 178,000 Russian tourists had traveled to Cuba.

Similarly, Cuban tourism industry leaders anticipate that the Russian tourist count for 2023 might exceed 180,000.

The rise in Russian tourists visiting Cuba is a trend that has been observed over several years, not just recently.

Reports indicate a significant increase, with tourist numbers from Russia growing by as much as 40% in past years.

Furthermore, the Russian government has shown its commitment to further boosting tourism to Cuba, aiming to achieve a target of 500,000 visitors from Russia annually.

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