Russian market a priority for Cuba, says Cuban tourism minister

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Nearly 450,000 tourists had arrived in Cuba by the end of April, a figure higher than the same period last year, offering prospects for recovery, Juan Carlos García Granda, Cuba’s minister of tourism, said on Monday, May 2.

Speaking to the national and foreign press in Varadero, García Granda recalled how the tourism business has been greatly affected by the pandemic, with the closing of borders and reduced mobility.

“Satisfaction levels are high, we have done wonders, we are satisfied and this is shown by the surveys of the clients themselves,” said the minister, referring to the shortages and limitations faced by the tourist activity in a country, Cuba, which is going through a deep economic crisis.

The Russian market, García Granda stressed, will continue to be an absolute priority and will be worked on as soon as the means are available to reactivate the air link.

At the same time, Cuba is counting on the resumption of tourist arrivals from neighboring markets such as Mexico, Argentina, Colombia and Brazil, countries that were among the main emitters when the Caribbean nation opened up to international tourism more than three decades ago.

García Granda explained that there is a growing demand from the English market, which appreciates the safety of the Cuban destination, but that air links must be developed.

Since its emergence and as part of its development, Cuban tourism prioritizes the protection of natural resources and biodiversity, said the minister at the closing of the event that served as a preamble to the Cuba 2022 International Tourism Fair, which begins on Tuesday, May 3, at Plaza America, in the seaside resort of Varadero.

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The minister affirmed that the current challenge of Cuban tourism is greater than the achievements exhibited and said that sustainability guarantees the integral development of the nation and the quality of life of its population.

More than 350 hotel properties have been eliminated on the country’s coasts for being incompatible with the regulations that protect those ecosystems, according to the event.

FitCuba 2022 (the Cuban tourism fair) will become a space to attract potential investors, hotel groups and tour operators, both from traditional and less explored markets.

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