Shopping for Cuba in online stores EnviosCuba from abroad

Shopping for Cuba in online stores EnviosCuba

It is now possible to shop online to send products to family and friends in Cuba thanks to EnviosCuba. This platform allows you to purchase products that are physically in inventory at Cuban stores and have them delivered or picked up.

Requirements for purchasing

To be able to shop through EnviosCuba you must meet the following requirements:

Internet access

You must have internet access to enter EnviosCuba online sites and make purchases.

Credit or debit card

You must have a Visa or Mastercard credit or debit card to pay for purchases. It can be a regular credit card, debit card or prepaid card.

Purchase costs

The costs of shopping at EnviosCuba online stores will vary according to:

  • Purchase amount: the minimum is $35 USD and the maximum is $2000 USD.
  • Chosen delivery method: delivery to home has an extra transportation cost.

Minimum and maximum purchase

  • Minimum per order: $35 USD
  • Maximum per order: $2000 USD

Cost for delivery to home

If you choose delivery to home an additional cost is charged for transporting the merchandise from the physical store to the recipient’s address.

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How to shop at EnviosCuba

The process for shopping at EnviosCuba online stores is:

1. Choose store by province

Select the province and specific store where you want to purchase the products, according to the real inventory each one displays.

2. Register on the site

You have to create an account with username and password to be able to purchase. Registration can be done at any store.

3. Select products

Once registered, choose the desired products and quantities. They are added to the shopping cart.

4. Review shopping cart

It is recommended to check that the products and quantities in the shopping cart are correct before paying.

5. Payment process

At this stage, payment is completed with credit or debit card. If it is the first time, a verification code is requested.

6. Submit the order

Once the order is paid, EnviosCuba processes the purchase and sends it to the recipient in Cuba.

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Delivery methods in Cuba

EnviosCuba offers 2 methods for the recipient to receive the purchase in Cuba:

Store pick-up

The recipient must personally pick up the merchandise at the store where the purchase was made. It has no additional shipping cost.

Delivery to home

The purchase is transported to the recipient’s home. It has an additional cost for transportation.

Check order status

The sender can check the status of their order by logging into their EnviosCuba account. Possible statuses are:

  • New
  • In process
  • Ready to ship
  • Shipping
  • Delivered
  • Partially delivered
  • Retained

If the order does not arrive on time, EnviosCuba customer service can be contacted.

Frequently asked questions about EnviosCuba

What does the recipient in Cuba receive?

The recipient does not have to pay anything for the merchandise or shipping. Everything is paid by the sender.

Can the purchase be delivered to anyone?

No, it is only delivered to the indicated recipient or an authorized second recipient. ID is requested.

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What to do if the purchase does not match the invoice?

The recipient should not receive the purchase if it does not match what is indicated on the invoice. It must be reported before signing.

Can you shop in one province and send to another?

Only if store pick-up is chosen. For delivery to home it must be the same province.

How do I know if the order was delivered?

The sender can check the order status in their EnviosCuba account.

What to do if the order does not arrive on time?

Contact EnviosCuba customer service by email or phone to report the delay.

Is it safe to pay with credit card?

Yes, Visa and Mastercard 3D Secure security technology is used.


It is now possible to shop online at Cuban stores to send products to family and friends thanks to the EnviosCuba platform. Their system allows you to purchase products that are physically available and ship them by parcel or pick them up at the store.

It is a reliable option that provides multiple secure payment methods and shipping options. It allows you to quickly and easily send necessary products or those difficult to obtain on the island.

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