Ciego de Avila community regrets 14-year-old girl run over by a train

girl run over by a train in cuba

The municipality of Ciego de Avila, head territory of the province of the same name, lamented Thursday the death of a 14-year-old girl who was run over by a train covering the Ciego de Avila-Baragua route.

According to the Facebook group Accidentes, Buses y Camiones por más experiencia y menos víctimas (Accidents, Buses and Trucks for more experience and fewer victims), the young high school student was crossing the train tracks on her bicycle and could not avoid being hit by the train.

Although there are several theories about the possible causes of the accident, some witnesses indicate that the young woman was wearing headphones and did not hear the train whistle.

Kevin Gutiérrez Molina, one of the users, assures that although he did not directly see the accident -only the blood stain that remained-, some people who were witnesses indicated to him that the teenager thought she would have time to cross and yet she was unable to do so.

The authorities have not yet offered any statement on the matter but as it usually happens, this news spreads first on social networks.

The people of Ciego de Avila have been shocked by the news and have offered their sincere condolences through various channels.

“For God’s sake how that family must be, it is not easy to see your daughter leave the best of the house and be on the eve of her arrival and suddenly you get this tragic news, what a great pain EPD, I did not know her but it hurts me a lot, she was just a little girl who was beginning to live, my condolences to her family and especially to her parents,” said a user.

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Some Internet users also criticized that in Cuba there are not enough level crossings at crossroads or intersections between a railway and a road or highway, only in those streets or major avenues.

This is not the first time that accidents of this type have occurred. In the same post where the death of the girl was announced, a user named Yoandris González said that eight months ago he lost a brother in Matanzas, who for using headphones and not hearing that a train was approaching was also run over.

Users also asked the community to advise teenagers and children to walk on the street with caution and not to be attentive to the phone when crossing streets.

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