Cubans Will Be Able to Apply for Schengen Visa Digitally

schengen visa for cubans

The Council of the European Union has recently approved the implementation of a digital Schengen visa system to facilitate the application process.

This initiative allows applicants to complete the process online, with some exceptions, and represents a significant advancement in simplifying travel procedures to the Schengen area.

Fernando Grande-Marlaska, Acting Minister of the Interior of Spain, highlighted the importance of this measure to speed up processes for both citizens and administrations.

According to authorities confirmed to Diario de Cuba, the measure extends to Cuban citizens.

Details of the New Visa System

The two approved regulations establish the creation of a digital platform by the European Union (EU) for visa applications.

Applicants will be able to enter their information, upload electronic copies of necessary documents, and pay the corresponding fees through this platform.

The new rules reduce the need to appear at consulates, except in specific cases like first-time applications or biometric data renewal.

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This implies greater convenience for applicants, including those residing in regions far from Havana.

Estela Marina Pérez, General Director of Grupo Aristeo, told Diario de Cuba that she views this measure optimistically, although she recommends caution and attention to the details of the regulations.

When Can You Apply?

The approved regulations still need to be signed and published in the Official Journal of the European Union, coming into force 20 days after their publication.

The exact date of application will depend on the technical development of the digital visa platform.

The European Parliament, supporting the measure, has requested special attention for people with limitations in digital literacy or internet access.

It also maintains the option of requiring personal appearance in cases of doubt about the documentation.

The digitization of the Schengen visa procedure marks an important milestone in facilitating procedures for Cuban citizens.

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This measure, part of a broader effort to modernize administrative processes in the EU, opens new possibilities for travelers and improves the efficiency of consular administrations.

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