Cuba Renews Ethical Code for Party Officials Amid Mounting Crisis

Cuba Renews Ethical Code for Party Officials

While the country sinks deeper into despair, the Cuban regime has renewed the Code of Ethics for its party officials. The new code, which emphasizes patriotism and anti-imperialism, affects some 118,000 people.

New Code Replaces 28-Year Old Version

The Ethical Code for PCC Cadres enacted in 2024 replaces the previous version, which had been in effect since 1996.

According to Miriam Marbán González, a member of the PCC Central Committee, the new code is shorter than the old one, which had 27 “precepts” after the preamble.

It has also been renamed the Code of Ethics for Cadres of the Cuban Revolution, as it applies to leadership positions in mass organizations as well as the party.

Code Prioritizes Patriotism and Anti-Imperialism

The new code contains definitions of 17 words intended to guide the behavior of party cadres.

It begins with patriotism, understood as defending the socialist fatherland. Cadres must love the country, its symbols, and put Cuba before self, defending it with arms if necessary.

Anti-imperialism is the second guiding principle. This requires maintaining vigilance against actions by imperialist powers to dominate Cuba politically, economically, technologically and culturally. Relations of friendship must be based on shared revolutionary morality.

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Honesty and Austerity Demanded

The code also calls for honesty, honor, professionalism, altruism, humanism and solidarity. However, it makes clear that this is all subordinate to following the Communist Party line without question.

The code demands probity and an austerity that “rejects privileges and comfort.” Transparency is also required, despite the lack of openness inherent to the system. Violations may result in disciplinary action based on severity.

Generational Renewal Emphasized

The document calls for support from the “historical generation” while updating the development model, considering the U.S. blockade and “ideological war.” It demands exemplary behavior and revolutionary restlessness to combat this.

Party leaders bear high responsibility for instilling these principles in subordinates and future generations. The code’s legal status obligates all those in leadership roles, representing an effort to renew standards amidst a deepening national crisis.

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