Young Cuban man murdered in the neighborhood of Luyanó, in Havana

andy rencurrel Cuban man murdered

The young Cuban Andy Rencurrel, 30 years old, was stabbed to death last Friday, February 11, in the neighborhood of Luyanó, belonging to the Havana municipality of Diez de Octubre.

According to the independent media 14yMedio, neighbors of the neighborhood said that Andy was installing cables for satellite dishes and that he was stabbed in the back, presumably by people who were performing the same service. Another version of the case mentions a possible assault to steal his belongings.

The unfortunate event took place on Justicia Street, between Rodriguez and Perez, and according to a source close to the victim, one of the stab wounds hit a lung, causing his death.

“The young man ran two blocks and fell dead and they fled”, said a witness. He also said that Rencurrel tried to walk away from the place, walking in the direction of the Miguel Enriquez hospital, known as La Benefica.

The mortal victim was an only child and resided in the Los Sitios Popular Council, belonging to the municipality of Centro Habana. According to 14yMedio, the aggressors have already been detained and are being investigated at the Luyanó police station.

Kinkalla TV reported on this unfortunate event: “This boy was attacked or for a settling of scores they took his life to take away the things he was carrying (according to some sources). We are going through difficult times and this is reflected in society, where a life is not worth more than some material goods. He lived in the neighborhood of Los Sitios (Centro Habana). His name was Andy, may he rest in peace and may his family be strong.

Please let the VIOLENCE end, he was a young man full of life and it can happen to your brother, son, friend, etc.

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PS: maybe the case is under investigation and we will know later what happened, the fact is that he was murdered.”

After hearing the sad news, the young man’s family and friends offered their condolences on social networks.

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