Common Mistakes When Applying for Humanitarian Parole: A Guide from the U.S. Embassy in Cuba

Common Mistakes When Applying for Humanitarian Parole

The U.S. Embassy in Cuba has publicly released a list of the most common errors made when submitting applications for humanitarian parole. This program, which seeks to regulate immigration from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Venezuela, is a path for those who meet the necessary requirements. Below, we will detail these errors and how to correct them.

The Four Most Common Errors in Applications

The four most common mistakes in applications are:

– Including an incorrect email address.

– Providing erroneous personal or passport data.

– Not making an individual application for each applicant.

– Submitting the Form I-134A more than once.

The U.S. Embassy in Cuba has emphasized, through social media, that these errors can delay the application process.

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How to Correct These Errors

These mistakes, although common, can be solved. The embassy has provided instructions to correct them and thus expedite the safe and legal arrival process to the United States for parole applicants.

How to Correct an Incorrect Email Address

If an incorrect email address has been provided, the person in charge of the application must access the online account of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). There, they must select the “Notices” option and use the “Unsolicited Evidence” function to upload a handwritten and signed letter.

Importance of the Individualized Application

Each applicant must submit a separate form, including minors. This is done to avoid delays if travel permission is granted to a minor and not to their legal guardian, or vice versa. To correct this error, each applicant must complete their Form I-134A, although the main applicants can add members of the travel group to their USCIS online account.

Avoid Duplicating Form I-134A

Duplicating Form I-134A is another common error. USCIS will reject any duplicated form submitted by the same person for the same applicant. In case of making this mistake, one can check the status of the form in the USCIS online account.

It is relevant to note that USCIS will only accept inquiries about Form I-134A if it has been pending for more than six months, and this period is standard, so a decision on the form does not necessarily have to be awaited during that time.

Let’s make sure to avoid these errors and facilitate the process of applying for humanitarian parole. Attention to details can make the difference between a quick response and a long waiting process.

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