Delta Airlines Resumes Flights to Havana’s José Martí International Airport in April

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Delta Airlines, a US airline company, will resume flights to Havana’s José Martí International Airport in April, according to Cuban aviation authorities.

José Ramón Hernández, the Director of Operations at Cuban state-owned Ecasa, stated that the resumption of this route shows the growing interest of international airlines in having Cuba as a destination.

Before 1961, Delta was the only US airline offering regular flights to the island, and it was also the last to leave the Cuban market with the suspension of its Havana-New Orleans service.

In December 2016, Delta resumed its flights to Havana as one of the eight airlines authorized by the US Department of Transportation during the bilateral relaxation under the Obama administration.

Since borders have reopened after the COVID-19 pandemic in Cuba, the number of airlines that have restored or increased the frequency of their flights has gradually increased, and now Delta is adding to that number.

The company will begin operations on April 10th with two daily flights from Miami International Airport, the first at 9:05 a.m. and the second at 1:40 p.m.

Currently, 48 international airlines operate in Cuba, performing commercial flights; 20 are from Latin America and the Caribbean, 14 from Europe, 6 from Canada, 7 from the US (4 regular and 3 charter), and 1 from Africa.

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Hernández mentioned that the markets with the highest passenger volume are the Canadian, Spanish, and Cuban-American markets. International commercial operations are received at all airports on the island, except for Manzanillo and Cienfuegos.

The Director General of José Martí International Airport, Manuel López Bello, declared that flights from the US to Terminal 2 have an average daily frequency of between 10 and 14 flights, with the possibility of increasing.

Last year, the main airport of Cuba received over 3 million passengers, and 30,100 aircraft landed or took off there, slightly exceeding the planned amount, according to Granma.

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