Iberostar to Manage Havana’s Tallest Hotel: The K Tower

tower k the tallest building in cuba

In a significant announcement made by Cuban authorities during a tourism event in Camagüey province, it was revealed that Iberostar, the hotel chain that originated in Spain, will be in charge of managing the towering K Tower in Havana.

Destined to become the tallest hotel in Cuba, this project has been surrounded by both anticipation and controversy.

Initiated back in 2018, the K Tower project has steadily progressed despite the island nation’s fluctuating economic landscape.

The construction is spearheaded by Gaesa, a military-run enterprise. The edifice also bears the alternative name of López-Calleja Tower, named after Raúl Castro’s former son-in-law and Gaesa’s previous president, who passed away in 2022.

Expanding Iberostar’s Footprint

The K Tower will be the fourth Iberostar-managed hotel in Havana and will become the 20th property for the hotel chain within Cuba. This further solidifies Iberostar’s growing presence in the Cuban hospitality sector.

The K Tower will rise 154 meters and span 42 floors, not only setting it as a five-star hotel but also granting it the title of “Cuba’s tallest building.”

However, details have yet to be disclosed about how many floors will be allocated for hotel services and how many for other functionalities.

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It’s worth mentioning that Iberostar’s investments in Cuba aren’t confined to hotels. The chain also owns W2M, a tourism operator, and the World2Fly airline. The latter commenced flights to Cuba in 2022 and has plans to expand its flight frequency in the upcoming high season.

Investment Concerns

The K Tower project has faced its share of scrutiny. Critics question the massive investment being poured into the building, especially considering Cuba’s resource constraints and past crises.

Architectural Debate

Noted architect Edelberto Díaz Aguilera has voiced concerns that the tower’s design doesn’t harmonize with Havana’s traditional architecture.

Furthermore, the absence of information regarding the tower’s designer has led to additional questions about its fit with the local urban setting.

Safety and Environmental Concerns

Aguilera has also raised warnings about the use of glass in the facade, which could potentially impair visibility for drivers and pedestrians.

The building’s orientation could also make rooms prone to the intense heat of the Caribbean sun.

Despite the controversies and unanswered questions, one fact remains unaltered: the K Tower is set to redefine Havana’s skyline permanently.

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With Iberostar at the helm, the hotel chain is set to further solidify its presence in Cuba while overseeing a project as grandiose as it is disputed.

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