Jazz Plaza Festival to be held from January 18 to 23, 2022 in Havana

jazz plaza festival cuba 2022

The organizing committee of the Jazz Plaza 2022 International Festival announced that this year’s edition of the event will only be held in Havana, Cuba’s capital city, between January 18 and 23, and under strict compliance with the sanitary measures established to halt the advance of covid-19.

The committee specified that the cultural event will be held at the Havana venues of the National Theater of Cuba, the Tito Junco Hall of the Bertolt Brecht Center and the America Theater.

On this occasion, due to the current epidemiological context in Cuba, the Festival sessions that usually take place in the province of Santiago de Cuba will be suspended.

The founder of the Jazz Plaza Festival and multilaureate musician, Bobby Carcasés, said: “we reached the 37th edition, demonstrating that jazz unites countries, mentalities, languages, and is characterized by love, when a “descarga” offers the heart; improvisation, and swing, that one that takes you out of your seat”.

Likewise, the president of the Jazz Plaza International Festival, Víctor Rodríguez, informed that the event will be in person, in accordance with the regulations in force in the country. The Festival will be broadcast on virtual platforms through Streaming Cuba, the National Center of Popular Music and the Ministry of Culture.

Some of the artists invited to the meeting are Swedish pianist Jacob Karl Anders; Frenchman Laurent de Wilde, Mike del Ferro, from Holland; and Pekka Pylkkanen, saxophonist from Finland.

“We arrive at this festival in the midst of circumstances that hit us, and despite that, there is an impulse, a desire, and a desire to bring out that contained strength, because jazz is to unload what you carry inside and for people to see the magic of that music,” said Bobby Carcasés, who also received the National Music Award.

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