Tanya, the author of Rebeca Martínez’s “Porompompón,” says that the song was written “for fun”

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The author of the popular song “La Habitación,” which has become famous on social media under the name “El Porompompón” and has been interpreted by Rebeca Martínez, asserts that she wrote it simply for fun.

The Cuban rock singer known as Tanya explained on her Facebook profile that the creation of this song was a kind of experiment, and that Rebeca’s decision to perform it was a success.

Tanya also stated that, in her opinion, when something generates controversy, it is necessary to take risks and bet on it, otherwise it cannot be enjoyed.

Rebeca Martínez’s new song has been a hit on social networks, which has allowed her to join the urban music trend.

In the music video for the song, the director and photographer May Reguera has participated, along with Tanya herself, who wrote and produced the music.

The music video features actors from Teatro El Público, and Rebeca Martínez does not disappoint her fans, showing off her enviable figure despite being over 50 years old, and demonstrating her dancing skills.

Despite the success of Rebeca Martínez’s new release, there has also been a lot of criticism and negative comments about it.

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Fortunately, members of the Cuban artistic sector and friends of the singer have come to her defense in response to the detractors.

Actor Erdwin Fernández, although he admitted that he personally is not a fan of the song, stated that regardless of whether someone likes or dislikes a person or their work, they have no right to ridicule them.

In his opinion, respect and tolerance are fundamental in society and should not be sacrificed in pursuit of an opinion or personal preference.

Tanya, the creator of the song “La Habitación,” left Cuba in 1993 to move to the United States but eventually returned to the island at the beginning of the following decade.

Prior to her departure, Tanya was part of the group Arte Vivo, and later joined Mario Daly in the popular group Monte de Espuma. However, she eventually decided to leave the group and begin her solo career.

Tanya’s songs received accolades at the OTI national contest in 1991 and 1992, demonstrating her ability to compose and produce quality music.

During her stay in the United States, Tanya participated in concerts of Cuban musicians such as Osamu, X Alfonso, and Edesio Alejandro, who were visiting Miami and were interested in reintegrating her into the island’s music scene.

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