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The marketplace called Katapulk allows online shopping for Cuba from anywhere on the planet.

Customers can place orders online to ship to Cuba using their desktop computers or mobile devices. It’s simple, just visit the Katapulk Marketplace website (

Households in provinces such as Havana, Artemisa, Mayabeque, Pinar del Río, Matanzas, Camagüey, Ciego de Ávila, Sancti Spiritus, Holguín, Granma, Las Tunas, Santiago de Cuba and Guantanamo receive Katapulk deliveries.

Today we can safely say that Katapulk reaches all the provinces of Cuba through several stores and markets accessible through the Internet.

On this platform you can find a wide range of services and products that respond to the tastes and requirements of customers looking for a fast and safe delivery to their relatives in Cuba.

It is possible to send food to Cuba, which is perhaps the most popular purchase, as well as make phone recharges and send gift packages that include flowers, sweets, meals from Cuban restaurants, etc.

Customers can take advantage of a variety of incentives from Katapulk, making this online store one of the best places to send products to Cuba.

Cuban luggage Cuba extends the unlimited import of medicines and foodstuffs

One of the most popular products sold by Katapulk are bicycles and electric bicycles. The deals offered by the store stand out among the most affordable for the Cuban market.

Katapulk has a retail service with a wide variety of products, including food for Cuba, household items, gift options, flowers, toys and more. In addition, the platform offers a wide variety of products from its online marketplace.

The sale of beef, pork legs and the wildly popular chicken boxes are just some of the most attractive products on Katapulk’s Marketplace for Cuba.

Customers can create their own package or gift combo to send to people in Cuba. Just choose several products from the platform’s stores, that’s another advantage offered by the leading digital commerce site for Cuba.

The purchase procedure is fast and simple. It offers no major difficulties. We have tested it and it works properly, although the prices for the Cuban market are usually higher than those we find in any other country’s online store.

Katapulk gives priority to the fastest and safest delivery possible, as well as to the marketing of high quality products.

Katapulk, in practical terms, reduces distances and provides Cuban families with a sense of constant proximity.

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Remember that you can order food to be delivered to your friends and family in Cuba using the online store, which specializes in food distribution in Cuba. 

Currently, Katapulk delivers daily to all Cuban provinces. At the beginning this was not the case, but the online store’s team has worked hard to extend its services throughout Cuba.

Send food to Cuba

Using for food shopping is convenient. From the time the order is placed, deliveries to Havana take 10 working days. Deliveries to the rest of the country usually take two more days, on average (12 days). You should know that the delivery time is working days, so holidays or weekends are not included.

We recommend to register on the website, choose the necessary products, put them in the basket and then proceed to checkout. This is the way to buy food for Cuba. Please note that does not accept phone orders.

Your family or friends in Cuba will not have to pay anything, since shipping costs are paid at the time of placing the order online. Your food shipments will always be delivered to your loved ones in Cuba by at no additional cost. This is important to know in case someone tries to cheat and overcharge us.

In addition, we recommend verifying the delivery address information of your purchases. The Katapulk distribution team will call the recipient of the purchase. The goal is always to keep customers informed from the first minute online transactions are made.

Katapulk sends its users an email 24 hours before delivery. The email is a notice that the order is ready for delivery. It is a way to ensure that your friend or family member in Cuba will receive the delivery notification.

Western Union resumes sending remittances to Cuba Western Union resumes sending remittances to Cuba

Whoever orders online must provide the correct Cuban contact information; otherwise, annoying delivery delays can occur.

More from Katapulk for Cuba

The Katapulk website is meant to sell much more than just meals and combos, although these are actually the most popular products.

The platform is also a directory of businesses and private companies in Cuba that offer processed foods. It therefore includes restaurants, candy shops, jewelers, home decorators, florist services and much more.

Follow Katapulk’s social networks to find out about new businesses that are added to the platform from time to time.
Click on the link below to create a Katapulk account.

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