These are the most beautiful Cuban women

most beautiful women in Cuba

Cuba is a country of beautiful landscapes and warm people. Internationally we are also known as a nation blessed by the beauty and diversity of our women.

We wanted to create a list – infinitely expandable, we know – of beautiful Cuban girls with a remarkable public projection. 

No, it’s not just beautiful faces and bodies, but also a lot of talent that we have gathered in the following list for your consideration.

In our list we find actresses, singers, women of culture who reside both on the island and abroad.

We want you, reader, to help us complete and expand the list. You can write to us in the comments or through our social networks to suggest new names that should be included.

Camila Arteche

Cuban actress and presenter born on 12 April 1990 in Havana. Camila Arteche is recognised today as one of the most attractive women born in Cuba. She is a bombshell!

She has worked in radio, television, cinema and theater. Many remember her also for having hosted, during 2017 and 2018, the reality TV show Bailando en Cuba.

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Her activism in favour of feminism has led her to join the Evoluciona campaign, which happened in 2019. 

She is one of the most influential Cuban artists today. Her publications on social networks denounce gender violence, street harassment and demand women’s rights.

Imaray Ulloa

Imaray Ulloa is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful Cubans today. She is a well-known and highly valued influencer and actress among the Cuban community in Miami.

The woman was born in Sancti Spíritus – her birthday is celebrated every May 19 – but as a very young child she moved to the capital, Havana – more precisely, Guanabacoa – where she lived until her departure from Cuba.

Ulloa emigrated to the United States on 23 December 2012, a decade has passed since she left her native country.

In addition to working as an actress, Ulloa devotes a lot of time to her community of followers on social media. She often promotes a healthy lifestyle characterized by physical exercise.

Her followers can admire all her beauty in the photos she posts on Instagram where you can see her toned body and the unparalleled beauty of her face.

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Ana de Armas

Who doesn’t know this beautiful woman? Ana de Armas was born on the 30th of April 1988 in the village of Santa Cruz del Norte, which today belongs to the province of Mayabeque (what used to be part of the province of Havana).

Ana is currently one of the most beautiful and well-known Cuban women in the world.

Her real name is Ana Celia de Armas Caso. She is a Cuban-Spanish actress who became famous in Europe when she appeared in the teen thriller El Internado (2007-2010).

Her worldwide fame skyrocketed after her arrival in Hollywood. In American cinema, she has appeared in films such as Blade Runner 2049 and, most recently, she has become a Bond girl, Paloma, in the film No Time to Die, the 25th film of Agent 007.

Heydy González

Maybe the simple name of Heydy González doesn’t ring a bell. If you are Cuban, you will surely remember the name Hidroelia, a humorous character with erotic overtones that drew sighs every week from Cuban viewers.

Hidroelia, the sexy and gullible nurse of the TV show Punto G won the affection of the national television audience and also a legion of unconditional fans of her exuberant beauty.

González is a Cuban actress who has acted in film, theater, and television. She has almost half a million followers on Instagram, a social network that sometimes melts with provocative images that highlight her sculptural figure, full of impossible curves.

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Andrea Doimeadiós

With her character of Noelia Bermellón, the young actress Andrea Doimeadiós made the definitive leap to public recognition in Cuba.

Besides being a versatile actress, the daughter of well-known Cuban actor Osvaldo Doimeadiós is also a beautiful woman whose talent and beauty stand out wherever she goes and in whatever work she does.

Andrea was born on March 20, 1994 in Havana and graduated from the National School of Arts, majoring in acting, in 2013.

In addition to being an actress she has also written texts for the theater. Although she has an indisputable talent for stage humor, Andrea Doimeadiós also excels in other dramatic genres.

Despite her youth, Doimeadiós has already participated in several films, soap operas and plays. She is currently one of the most popular and solid actresses in the country. 

She is a heartthrob for her charisma and beauty and enchants fans of all kinds.

Livia Brito

Livia Brito was born in Havana on July 21, 1986.

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She is an actress of Cuban origin who debuted in Mexico in 2010 and who, with each passing day, increases her beauty and charisma in front of the cameras.

She is the daughter of Cuban actor Rolando Brito, known from films such as Amor Vertical, La Vida es Silbar, Páginas del Diario de Mauricio, and José Mart: El Ojo del Canario, just to name a few.

Ana Karla Suárez,

Do you remember the music video for the song Bailando by Enrique Iglesias and Gente de Zona? I’m sure you remember it.

In that video clip, the figure of a Cuban girl stands out, a very beautiful and sensual dancer with dark hair and piercing eyes.

That video brought Ana Karla Suarez to stardom. The dancer became world famous with the hit Bailando and made thousands of fans fall in love with her and start following her on social networks.

The beautiful Ana Karla was born in the Cuban capital on July 7, 1995. From a very young age she felt passion for dance and dancing. She began her ballet classes at the age of 4.

At the age of 9, she participated in a summer course with the prestigious dance company Lizt Alfonso. At that moment, she found her way.

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Karina Valero

Karina Valero is another Cuban beauty who became world famous thanks to a video clip by Enrique Iglesias. The Spanish artist has a good eye for Cuban beauty, there is no doubt about it.

Karina, clarinetist and model, seduced and conquered the makers of the video clip Súbeme la radio, a song that was also very popular a few years ago.

The model and musician was born in Havana on June 12, 1996.

Her dark skin and splendorous laugh, with touches of irresistible tenderness, have made her an iconic image of the fragile and tender beauty of the Cuban woman, a stereotype somewhat different from the traditional Cuban beauty associated with curves and voluminous body.

Karina Valero is also a Spanish citizen and participated some time ago in the Miss Universe Spain beauty pageant, in 2019.

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