MW Urbanos: application for real-time monitoring of buses in Havana

urban bus application in cuba

This Thursday, October 6, MW Urbanos app was presented by the Ministry of Transportation (Mitrans).

The novel APK provides details on the Cuban capital’s public transportation system, bus routes and stops, and interchange points between origins and destinations.

The Apklis repository (the “Cuban Google Play”) contains a download link for the application.

Móvil Web Urbanos (also known as MW Urbanos) allows checking the real-time, live location of moving buses using only the mobile data connection. In addition, it allows to know the expected arrival times at a specific stop.

This particular version of the app is a beta version. For now, there are only eight bus terminals in its database: Alamar, Bahia, Guanabacoa, Guanabo, Palatino, Santa Amalia, Calvario and Playa.

The apk also has a function that allows users to rate the quality of service received (so you know, it could be a digital wailing wall).

The GeoMIX agency of the GEOCUBA Business Group created the app, in collaboration with the Provincial Transport Company, the Havana Provincial Transport Directorate, the Fleet Control Directorate and Mitrans.

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Cuba has been facing an acute public transportation crisis for many years. This is an iconic image of the crisis of the 1990s on the island.

What is the Havana urban transport app (Móvil Web Urbanos) for?

Let’s summarize. You can know the following information from your smartphone:

  • Current details about the bus routes of the Cuban capital.
  • The location of the buses of each of the existing routes, in real time.
  • The bus stops closest to you, the routes that run through that location and the location of the buses.
  • The expected time the bus will take to reach your location.
  • In addition, you will be able to evaluate the level of service quality.

Some reactions

After the announcement of the new application to follow public transportation in Havana, some reactions on social networks and comments on official publications were not long in coming.

We have collected some of the most striking opinions and here we share them with you:

As transportation in Cuba is today, the ideal would be to ride on that application, because getting on a bus is becoming increasingly difficult.

What is a reality for Havana residents is a dream for the rest of the country where there is practically no urban transportation in the cities.

The same thing is going to happen with this application as with the ticket sales application. No application of this type can work well if there is not the basics: buses and more buses.

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