The Most Downloaded Cuban Apps

best cuban apps

Dive into the world of Cuban apps like toDus, Apklis, and Comprando en Cuba! Here’s a guide to the most sought-after apps in Cuba. Ready to download? Let’s go!

1. Apklis

Apklis holds the title of being the official Android app store in Cuba, often compared to a Cuban version of Google Play. It operates both as an app and a web portal.

  • Origin: Launched in June 2018, Apklis was created through a collaboration between the University of Informatics Sciences (UCI) and the telecommunications company Etecsa.
  • Features: For a while, its official site was only accessible within Cuba. But now, users worldwide can access it. The store not only boasts popular Cuban apps but also offers international apps similar to those on Google Play, many of which are free. Paid Cuban apps are also now a part of Apklis, with transactions being processed through Transfermovil.

Download from Apklis | Download from CubApk

2. toDus

Think of toDus as the Cuban counterpart to WhatsApp.

  • Functionality: An instant messaging platform, toDus is free to use within Cuba, a feature particularly advantageous given the high internet costs in relation to the average Cuban salary.
  • Features: It facilitates text messaging, voice notes, group participation, and file transfers up to 10 megabytes. Some users have raised security concerns, but its popularity remains unshaken.

Download from Apklis | Download from CubApk

3. Comprando en Cuba & Comprando en Cuba Pro

A testament to the rise in online sales and the economic challenges in Cuba, this app stands out as a crucial tool for online shopping.

  • Utility: Comprando en Cuba streamlines the process of shopping on Cuban virtual stores, especially on platforms like Tu Envío. A premium version was released in March 2021 for 15 Cuban pesos.
  • Reason for Popularity: The app’s success largely stems from the subpar quality of the Cuban government’s online selling services.

Download from Apklis

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4. EnZona

Imagine a Cuban blend of PayPal and Amazon.

  • Functionality: EnZona is a digital platform that facilitates financial transactions and digital business for Cuban residents.
  • Banking: It supports operations involving cards from Cuban banks like Banco Popular de Ahorro (BPA), Banco de Crédito y Comercio (BANDEC), and Banco Metropolitano (BANMET).
  • E-Commerce: Aside from financial operations, EnZona also features online stores like the renowned Copextel (TOC Copextel) online shop.

Download from Apklis | Download from CubApk

5. UtilEs

True to its name, UtilEs is a handy app, granting efficient access to the services of Etecsa, Cuba’s sole telecommunications provider.

  • Main Features: The app provides quick access to commonly used functionalities like balance checks, anonymous calls, top-ups, balance transfers, and usage checks.

Download from Apklis | Download from CubApk

6. Transfermóvil

Seen as a competitor to ENZONA, many users deem Transfermóvil safer, though both occasionally experience technical issues.

  • Purpose: Developed by Etecsa for Cuban users, Transfermóvil facilitates the payment for services and online shopping within Cuba. It also aids in banking tasks and provides access to services from Etecsa, the only telecommunications company in Cuba.

Download from Apklis | Download from Etecsa

7. ¡Donde Hay!

A product locator app, ¡Donde Hay! is spearheaded by the Cimex corporation, a conglomerate with a presence in Cuba’s retail network.

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  • Function: The app helps customers find products within the Panamericanas Store Chain. Users can search by product name or scan barcodes.
  • Additional Features: It displays product availability, location, and pricing within Cimex’s retail network. An added “Price Checker” feature allows users to scan product barcodes to view official prices. The app also offers filters, store geolocation, and operational hours. Best of all, when used with mobile data via the APN nauta, the app incurs no data costs. Note: The app’s data is sourced from daily inventory closure reports from the respective stores.

With these apps in hand, you’re well-equipped to navigate the digital landscape of Cuba! Whether you’re looking to communicate, shop, or manage finances, these Cuban apps have you covered.

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