What are the best websites to send food to Cuba?

send food to cuba via internet

If you are Cuban and live outside Cuba, you are probably wondering how to send food to Cuba.

But this is an issue that not only concerns Cubans, but also many U.S. citizens, or citizens of any other country, who are interested in the welfare of their friends in Cuba.

The island has been suffering shortages of almost all basic commodities for years. The lack of food is one of the aspects of the crisis that hits families the hardest and worries Cubans living abroad.

Below we share with you links to the best websites that work as agencies or online stores for sending food to Cuba.

Most of these sites also work for U.S. residents, despite the sanctions and the bilateral conflict between Washington and Havana. Remember that it is precisely in the United States where the largest community of Cuban emigrants and exiles live.


supermarket23 online storeto cuba

Supermarket23 is an online store that allows you to buy and send food packages and combos to Cuba.

On this platform you can buy a wide variety of food: sausages, meats, groceries, vegetables, canned food, etc.

But they not only send food combos to Cuba. They also sell appliances, furniture and various household items.

It accepts Visa and Mastercard payments in secure transactions, according to its website.

Its service for shipping food packages to Cuba works faster than the popular Katapulk site. In less than a week (3-5 days) shipments are in Havana. The rest of the country is another story. Shipments can take between 10 and 21 working days (not including weekends) to reach the interior (the provinces farthest from the capital) of Cuba.

The platform is one of the most intuitive of its kind. Before entering, it allows you to filter by territory. That is, the page will show only those products that can be delivered in the Cuban municipality or province you choose. Of course, once you have made a specific purchase, you can easily change the destination.

On the top bar of the Supermarket23 website, users can choose the currency in which product prices are displayed. So far, prices are denominated in U.S. dollars, Canadian dollars and euros, three of the most popular foreign currencies in Cuba.

Many users search Supermarket23 for special offers on boxes of chicken meat to be shipped to Cuba. On the website you can find a wide variety of chicken meat products, including some packages of chicken thighs. Also highly demanded products such as: chicken quarters, whole chicken, chicken breast fillets, seasoned chicken mince, thighs, boneless chicken breast, chicken giblets, etc.

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In the meat section, pork is the most important and most requested product. Supermarket23 sells several types: chops and steaks, minced meat, special cuts, loin, ribs, minced meat, pork burgers, as well as whole legs or shanks.

Unfortunately, the site does not offer meat combos for Cuba, but sells all these products separately.


katapulk online store

It allows deliveries to Pinar del Río, Artemisa, Havana, Mayabeque, Sancti Spíritus, Matanzas, Ciego de Ávila, Las Tunas, Holguín, Granma and Santiago de Cuba. 

Katapult Cuba assures that it is working to extend its services to all of Cuba. It is, right now, one of the most famous and popular online trading platforms to Cuba.

Katapulk deliveries take 10 days for the capital Havana and 12 days for the rest of the destinations in the interior of the country -working days, weekends do not count-. Your family in Cuba, upon receiving the delivery, does not pay any kind of commission.

Although the platform is working on the creation of an expedited shipping service, it charges $18 for normal shipping (including handling fees) to Havana. The cost goes up to $25 for all other destinations. 

NOTE: All shipments are door-to-door. You can get more information by visiting Katapulk’s shipping policy and rates page.

One thing in Katapulk’s favor: it does not regulate by a minimum or maximum purchase amount. There is no limit on the number of products to order or the number of orders that can be placed in a single day. Unlike other similar sites, it is not necessary to register to buy 👍.

They only accept online transfers, through international payment methods, such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, or any other card issued by foreign banks; that is, not from Cuba.

Want to know when a particular product is available on Katapulk? It’s not easy, as the platform does not have a calendar or a specific date for the assortment of its stock. 

Katapulk suggests users to keep an eye on its social networks to know all about offers and updates regarding new or very popular products.

Katapulk has official Facebook and Instagram accounts. Following their social networks can be helpful for those who are looking for this online retailer’s offers for shipments to Cuba.

Katapulk Marketplace, LLC (Limited Liability Company), is registered to Hugo Cancio, Cuban-American entrepreneur and owner of Fuego Enterprises. The company ships more than a thousand shipments a day to the island.

Supermarket Bravo

supermarket bravo online storeto cuba

You can also send food to Cuba through the services of Supermarket Bravo, with coverage in all the provinces and all the municipalities of the country.

Supermarket Bravo is an online store owned by TREEW Trading S.L. that allows its customers to make their purchases at any time and from anywhere.

It accepts Visa and MasterCard payments and guarantees the security of online transactions. To avoid fraud, its team monitors all transactions to verify their authenticity.

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In general, orders are delivered in three working days in Havana and in 15 working days in other regions, although they usually take less time.

Deliveries are made by specialized companies that guarantee that the products arrive in perfect condition to the addressee.

Supermarket Bravo has a large stock of more than 8000 products available. For more information on delivery times and rates, please consult the store’s website.


MercoCaribe online store to Cuba

MercoCaribe allows your family to receive food, cleaning products and cleaning supplies in Cuba. 

Currently the website is an expanding service and includes, for the moment, all the municipalities of Havana, Artemisa, Mayabeque and Pinar del Rio.

Their website specifies that all orders are delivered within 4 days after payment.

Shipping is through CUPET (Unión Cuba-Petróleo, a Cuban state-owned company) and customers can track their order or shipment online.

Total costs include handling and packaging costs, as well as the usual postal handling costs.

Tienda Habana

If you are looking for a place to buy Cuban food online at attractive prices, tiendahabana.com is an excellent option.

Currently they only offer deliveries in the capital, but they stand out for being fast and efficient, with delivery times of less than 48 hours once payment is made.

In addition, they communicate with the recipient to coordinate the most convenient delivery time.

tienda habana

How to send food combos to Cuba with Tienda Habana

You can contact their customer service by phone or through their WhatsApp account.

At Tienda Habana, you can find a wide variety of pre-designed combos, such as Italian food options (pasta, cheese, sauces), to start the day with energy, or grains (chickpeas, lentils, beans…).

You can also create your own combo by choosing several individual products from the online store – there are many options!


AlaMesa is a perfect online site to send food to Cuba. This venture, which has been around for a few years now, became popular and useful mainly because it managed to gather a large database of Cuban restaurants and gastronomic ventures.

alamesa app

Since its founding in 2010, the project has experienced rapid growth and now offers a very complete platform that includes the usual repository of restaurants, a library of culinary experiences, newsletters, but also home delivery service and other additional services.

How to use AlaMesa to send food to Cuba

AlaMesa offers home delivery service throughout the country. Therefore, choose as a first step the province and municipality of delivery.

Next, choose the stores or businesses where you want to buy and send food to your loved ones in Cuba.

The offer is very varied, and you can send from meals to desserts, including products such as meats, dairy products, agricultural products, etc.

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