Cuba Makes Obtaining Passports Easier for Its Citizens

cuban passport valid for 10 years

The Cuban government announced new measures to facilitate the renewal and obtainment of passports for its citizens, both within the island and abroad.

Authorities explained that these actions seek to “strengthen ties with Cubans overseas” and “facilitate their travel to Cuba.”

Passports Will Now Last 10 Years

One of the main changes is that passports will now be valid for 10 years for those over 16 years old, instead of just 6 years as before.

For children under 16, validity is extended to 5 years, instead of 2 years.

Mandatory Extension Every 2 Years is Eliminated

Another major modification is that it will no longer be necessary to extend the passport every 2 years, a process that cost 90 euros in Europe and 180 dollars in the United States.

This obligation is eliminated, so the document will be valid for the entire 10-year period without the need for extensions.

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The Price is Significantly Reduced

In addition to the increased validity period, the costs to obtain or renew a Cuban passport are also reduced.

Those over 16 will now pay 180 dollars or euros, depending on the country where it is processed. Before it cost 350 dollars in the United States.

For children under 16, the price drops to 140 dollars or euros.

The Changes Benefit Thousands of Cubans

With these modifications, hundreds of thousands of Cubans living outside the island who travel to their country regularly are expected to benefit.

Many of them are residents in the United States, where the largest Cuban community abroad is concentrated.

The new procedures will take effect starting July 1, 2023 at Cuban consulates worldwide.

How to Renew a Cuban Passport in a Foreign Country

To renew a Cuban passport, citizens can complete the process in person or by mail at Cuban consulates abroad.

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In-Person Requirements

  • Original expired passport and photocopy
  • Completed application form
  • Two passport-sized photos
  • Payment of consular fee

Mail-In Requirements

  • Original expired passport and photocopy
  • Completed application form
  • Two passport-sized photos
  • Photocopy of consular ID
  • Payment of consular fee by bank transfer
  • Envelope with stamps and return address

The passport can be requested up to 6 months before the expiration date. The process takes approximately 2 months to complete.

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