Cayo Santa María to Host Two LGBTI Festivals in August

Hotel Memories Paraiso CAYO SANTA MARÍA

In early August, Cayo Santa María will become a vibrant hub for the LGBTI community, hosting two major festivals: Spartacus and Paradise Rainbow Festival. The Spartacus festival, organized by the Galician travel agency Turidove, is set to attract approximately 3,000 attendees from various parts of Latin America. This event offers an alternative to more crowded destinations, promising a comfortable and open environment within the Caribbean.

Event Details and Offerings

Turidove has curated a package that includes accommodations in four five-star hotels, alongside The One Gallery Beachfront Art Resort, which will be the center for artistic and cultural activities. This luxurious setup ensures a top-tier experience for all participants. As of early this year, prices for the package, excluding airfare, ranged between 600 and 800 euros for a week-long stay on an all-inclusive basis.

Festival Highlights

The Spartacus festival will be rich in musical content, featuring performances, drag shows, and exhibitions of painting, sculpture, and photography. This diverse array of events aims to create a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere, celebrating the LGBTI community’s creativity and culture.

Paradise Rainbow Festival: A New Experience for Visitors to Cuba

Scheduled from August 19 to 25, the Paradise Rainbow Festival will take place at the Hotel Memories Paraiso in Cayo Santa María. This festival promises a week full of parties, shows, and entertainment. According to Travel Trade Caribbean (TTC), the festival will kick off with the Rainbow Fantasy Show, centered around a drag queen theme, and will include prizes such as a week-long stay at the hotel for two adults.

Activities and Events

The festival’s program includes thematic breakfasts, pool parties, Cuban afternoons, and a carnival where a star will be chosen. Blue Diamond Resorts, the hotel chain hosting the event, aims to rejuvenate its offerings in Cuba through the Resonance brand. Rafael Villanueva, the commercial director of Blue Diamond, highlighted that there are two main concepts: “Music,” targeting young people who enjoy different types of parties and international DJs, and “Blue,” focused on wellness, yoga, and relaxation. This fresh approach is expected to bring a novel experience to the Cuban tourism scene.

Past Events and Venue Highlights

Last August, Cayo Santa María hosted the Santa María Music Fest, which showcased a fusion of music, art, and culture with performances from artists like the American rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine and Cuban musicians Charly & Johayron, Isaac Delgado, and Laritza Bacallao.

Cayo Santa María, a small island in Villa Clara province, spans approximately 20 square kilometers. Known as the “White Rose of the King’s Gardens,” it is connected to the mainland and other nearby keys by a lengthy causeway. The area is renowned for its natural beauty, rich marine biodiversity, and pristine white sandy beaches with warm, crystal-clear waters.

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By hosting these two significant festivals, Cayo Santa María aims to strengthen its position as a premier destination for the LGBTI community, offering unique and inclusive experiences within its stunning Caribbean setting.

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