Cuba gradually recovers its power generation capacity

cuban thermoelectric plant

Cuba’s Ministry of Energy and Mines announced on Sunday, March 20, 2022, the beginning of a process of the gradual recovery of its electricity generation capacity, affected days ago by failures in several thermal power plants.

In a note published on its website, the agency said it is working continuously to incorporate the “Antonio Guiteras” thermoelectric power plant, located in the city of Matanzas (west), one of the most important in the network, to the national electro-energy system next Tuesday.

This unit has been out of service since March 17, due to a leak in the boiler, according to the press release.

As from Sunday and during Monday, March 21, three other thermal power plants will be incorporated into the system, which will provide a solution to the problems experienced by the population in the electric service, the statement said.

In addition to the “Antonio Guiteras” plant, the “Máximo Gómez” thermoelectric plant in the western city of Mariel, west of the capital, is undergoing rehabilitation works due to a fire on March 7 in its generation block number seven.

Cuba has been carrying out an energy capacity recovery program since 2021. The deterioration of the plants due to years of operation, the difficulties for the timely performance of maintenance, and the lack of spare parts affected the possibilities of responding to contingencies such as this one.

On Saturday, March 19, during the meeting to evaluate the work of the energy sector during the previous calendar, Cuban Prime Minister Manuel Marrero stressed the importance of prioritizing the assurance of the national energy system and promoting the efficient use of renewable energy sources.

Cuba aims to reach 37 percent of the energy generated by renewable sources by 2030, a goal that requires improved performance to achieve, the meeting was told.

Marrero also insisted on the importance of complying with planned maintenance, carrying out quality maintenance, and recovering the country’s generation capacity to guarantee service in the state, non-state and residential sectors for the coming summer.

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