Cuba regrets the death of three compatriots in an accident in Mexico

cuba embassy mexico

The Cuban Embassy in Mexico regretted the traffic accident in Veracruz in which three compatriots lost their lives.

“Our diplomatic mission informs that it is in constant communication with the competent authorities and is taking steps to contact the families of the victims in Cuba,” the diplomatic legation said in a statement.

According to Mexican media, the driver of the crashed passenger van fled the scene.

In addition, 16 people were injured, including six minors, all of whom were being treated at a nearby hospital.

In its communiqu茅, the embassy insists that “Cuba advocates for a legal, safe and orderly migration that avoids damage and harm to human lives.”

Cuba has blamed the United States on several occasions in recent months for these irregular migratory flows and has recalled that Washington breaches its bilateral commitments to grant 20,000 visas per year.

The island is experiencing a migratory exodus, linked in the first instance -according to many analysts- to the severe economic crisis the country is going through.

The combination of the pandemic, the tightening of U.S. sanctions, and mistakes in macroeconomic management have led to higher prices, partial dollarization of the economy, and high inflation.

Almost every day, there are reports of Cuban migrants, many of whom are trying to reach the United States.

This Tuesday, Honduran authorities detained 241 Cuban migrants in the country’s east.

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Experts warn that the islanders’ route through Central America is problematic. The journey is dangerous, both because of the poor conditions of the vehicles that transport them to the United States and because of the criminal groups that plague the region.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) data show that in the last five months, a total of 47,331 Cubans entered the United States illegally. In February alone, the figure reached 16,557.

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