Cuba Initiates Evacuation of Nationals Stranded in Crisis-Hit Haiti

cubans stranded in haiti return to cuba

The long-awaited evacuation of Cuban nationals who have been stranded in Haiti since February is now underway.

The evacuees are being transported by bus to Cap-Haitien in the north, due to the closure of Port-au-Prince airport. From there, they will board a flight operated by Sunrise Airways to return to Cuba.

The Cuban Foreign Ministry has confirmed that this “operation return” is proceeding smoothly.

The transfer is being conducted in a bus convoy to Cap-Haitien, where evacuees will then continue their journey by air.

The ministry shared updates through its official X profile, promising to keep the public informed about the evacuation progress.

This rescue operation comes at a critical time as Cubans in Haiti have been facing dire conditions amidst escalating violence and political instability.

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The urgency of their situation was highlighted in a recent video released on social media by the Cubans themselves.

The video outlined the severe lack of resources such as food and water and called on the Cuban authorities and international community for assistance.

The precariousness of the situation became starkly apparent in February when a Sunrise Airways flight bound for Cuba was hit during a shootout, leading to the suspension of flights for safety reasons.

While the evacuation effort has begun for some, around 2,000 Cubans remain in Haiti, including healthcare workers on official missions and diplomats.

This move follows the completion of evacuations by Mexico, Peru, the Dominican Republic, and other nations, some of which have also closed their embassies due to the deteriorating security situation.

With the evacuation now in motion, hopes are high that the remaining Cubans will soon be safely repatriated.

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