Cuban actor Alejandro Cuervo proposes to his girlfriend

alejandro cuervo cuban actor

Cuban actor Alejandro Cuervo surprised his girlfriend Arletis Rodriguez and proposed to her during a show he offered on the night of Monday, February 14 at the Tropicana cabaret, on the occasion of Valentine’s Day.

After congratulating all those in love, the artist asked his girlfriend to come on stage: “Well, as I am one of those in love, I want to call my girlfriend here on stage, I want to dedicate a beautiful poem to her”.

Once his girlfriend was introduced, Alejandro immediately got down on one knee and asked her to marry him, giving her the engagement ring, while the audience rewarded the surprise with a loud applause.

After putting on the ring, the girl approached the actor, they kissed and gave each other a tender embrace. As a joke, Alejandro asked the audience: “Will you be sorry to say no to me?”, to which Arletis answered in the affirmative.

Alejandro thanked the audience for their applause and pointed out that he had been working at the Tropicana for ten years, so it was the perfect place to propose to his partner.

For his part, his girlfriend reflected on the event on her social networks, where she wrote: “And I said YES, I ACCEPT, my love Alejandro Cuervo, I’m getting married!”.

For its part, the page Cuba Actores echoed the news and, accompanied by a recording of the moment when the actor got down on one knee to ask his girlfriend to marry him, wrote: “This beautiful couple will also get married”. Yesterday, February 14, actor Alejandro Cuervo surprised his girlfriend Arletis Rodriguez during his show at the Tropicana. Long live love, many blessings to them!”.

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Actress Giselle González commented: “Congratulations to both of you, may life fill you with blessings”.

Actor Damián Alonso, who was present at the show and accompanied Alejandro’s girlfriend on stage, wrote: “Happy to be part of this moment in their lives. Thank you and congratulations, there is a wedding, I love you very much”.

As did actor Enrique Bueno: “Congratulations brother, we will celebrate, how nice, I love you very much”.

The actor’s followers reacted to the emotional event: “Congratulations my friend. What a beautiful moment. Blessings, this is already a proven love. You made the right choice! I love you” … “Many congratulations my beautiful boy, you make a spectacular couple. May God bless you and may your love be eternal” …. “How cute. Congratulations brother! You know I wish the best for you and Arletis. A kiss and a big hug. I love you both” … “Congratulations to both of you. Invitation to the wedding we are going to Miami haha. Congratulations Alejo and your future wife” … “What a surprise. Congratulations to the bride and groom” … “Congratulations to both of you” … “All the best”.

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