Appeal to Solidarity to Repatriate Young Cuban Man Deceased in Russia

Young Cuban Man Deceased in Russia Osniel Ferrán

The family of the young Cuban man, Osniel Ferrán Martínez, 34, who passed away in Russia on June 29th, is making a call to generosity to be able to repatriate his remains to Cuba.

A Desperate Petition

Suyen Ferrán Martínez, the deceased’s sister living in Miami, has expressed her urgent need for financial support on her Facebook profile. She is asking for help to gather the necessary funds for the transfer of her brother’s body to Cuba, thus allowing their parents to say goodbye.

Suyen stated in her post that she implores on behalf of her family, so that her parents can say farewell to him. She affirmed that all who knew Osniel and their family understand the immense pain they are experiencing at this time.

Extended Hands

To facilitate the donation process, Suyen shared her Zelle account number in the United States, where funds are being raised to cover the costs of transferring the body. Those wishing to contribute can do so by contacting her at the number 7862034750.

Suyen’s post on social media has generated dozens of lamenting and solidarity comments in light of Ferrán Martínez’s loss.

One of the messages received expressed that, despite the distance, sadness also overwhelms the person writing. This message indicated understanding of what this loss means for Suyen and her family, describing it as irreparable, and extended their affection by sharing the pain.

cuban Osniel Ferrán Martínez, 34, who passed away in Russia

An Unexpected End

Suyen informed the media that her brother died of fulminant pneumonia. Osniel had been living in Russia for the past two years.

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Suyen expressed her grief by pointing out that Osniel died on June 29th, but they received the news on July 3rd, attributing the delay to poor performance by the Cuban embassy in Russia.

The Pain of an Incomplete Farewell

Osniel Ferrán Martínez is just one more in a growing list of Cubans who, driven by migration, have lost their lives far from their homeland.

Amid the pain and nostalgia, Suyen remembered her brother with words full of love and sadness, questioning why he left so soon and expressing the immense pain she feels.

She wished for him to rest in peace in the most beautiful place in the sky, promising that she will always carry him in her heart and affirmed that she loves him with all her life.

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