Cuba plans to produce traffic light components on an industrial scale by 2022

cuba traffic lights

The industrial-scale production of the first batch of national manufacturing of traffic light cabinets, control boxes and traffic light cards, which will allow achieving technological sovereignty in this area, considerable foreign currency savings and, once this work is consolidated, the development of speed radars and ethylometers, is among those planned for the second half of 2022 by the National Road Safety Commission (CNSV).

Reinaldo Becerra Acosta, secretary of the CNSV, in statements to Granma, pointed out that this work is a novelty as part of the actions to reduce accident levels and their consequences, and thus contribute to road order.

Among other measures, there will also be intensified those that allow maintaining adequate levels of road signaling in areas of economic development, tourist poles, as well as in the most dangerous and travel routes, making a more rational use of the limited resources available.

Becerra Acosta added that the work will also focus on increasing, together with the rest of the Ministry of Transportation (Mitrans) oversight agencies, the participation in controls to the main cargo or passenger transportation bases, which will allow detecting problems of drivers and vehicles before they go out on the public roads.

In 2021, despite the limitations, traffic engineering marked 2,046 kilometers of road between axle, edge and lane, basically in urban areas, which represented 55.7% of the total. They also placed and painted 1,812 mucuras (hemispherical elements used in traffic channeling and used as a substitute for the median).

Likewise, 4,391 pedestals were installed and another 19,895 were repaired and painted, and priority is given to the maintenance of signals, recovering 72.8% of the total installed.

In Cuba, despite the 8,369 traffic accidents recorded last year, the downward trend initiated ten years ago continues.

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