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Cristal Cuban beer pack

If you want to buy beer or malt to send to your friends or family in Cuba or you simply want to guarantee a drink during your stay on the island, you have found the right article. Here we are going to explain how to do it.

Cuba, in case you don’t know, is a surreal island. What happens there doesn’t happen anywhere else on the planet (for better or worse).

For example, buying beer in the network of Cuban stores is extremely difficult right now, due to the shortage situation the country is experiencing.

The best way to buy beer is to do it from abroad, through the site

This e-commerce site sells the traditional and most popular beers made in Cuba. You can find beers of the Cristal, Bucanero, Cacique and Mayabe brands.

You can also buy Bucanero malt, a sweet, non-alcoholic beverage much appreciated by Cubans. 

Fortunately, micerveza allows free shipments to many municipalities and almost all provinces of the country.

Online stores Cuba Online Stores to Buy in Cuba from Abroad

What is is an online store that belongs to Cervecería Bucanero S.A. corporation.

It is based in Toronto Canada, at least it is registered there, that is the data that we have been able to know.

This business is dedicated to the commercialization through the Internet of beers, malts and other minor items related to the consumption of these beverages.

Mi cerveza operates in 11 Cuban provinces and many more municipalities.

The best-selling products of this online store are Cristal Extra beer (a more modern version of the classic Cristal beer), Bucanero Max beer and Cristal beer, in its traditional green can. is a website but in a certain sense it works as a physical store divided into several stores, spread throughout Cuba, in several provinces and with delivery in many municipalities.

What are the prices of the beer store for Cuba? The web page denominates its prices in Canadian dollars. The prices of the packs of 24 units of beer range from 40 Canadian dollars (packs of 355 ml canned beer) to 43 Canadian dollars (packs of 24 glass bottles of 350 ml). Bucanero malt sells for C$25.10.

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In addition to these products, which are the most demanded, the Cervecería Bucanero S.A. store also sells other beers that are traditionally consumed only within Cuba, such as the Cacique and Mayabe brands, less known internationally but also of great quality. 

Attention, you should know that the store does not always have availability of all these beverages. The problem of stock availability is important because it can vary from one province to another.

The site also sells beer-related items, such as cup holders, beer mugs, beer dispensers and other accessories.

How to register on

This is one of the most difficult points for common users. Websites linked to e-commerce allowed by the Cuban authorities usually do not have a good customer service and do not offer a very neat user experience.

The registration process at is extremely cumbersome and is one of the main complaints of users visiting the website.

In the beginning, creating an account on the platform was a simple process. The site only needed the customer’s contact information and little else.

But today, the website requests several tests that allow it to identify and verify each of the accounts created.

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In theory, this is a control mechanism to prevent a few users from hoarding all the purchases in a country like Cuba that suffers chronic shortages and has a large black market full of resellers of everything. The cumbersome and tedious registration process is a mechanism to limit the resale of beer inside Cuba.

One vital point: to register with you have to be a resident outside Cuba. From inside the country it is not possible.

During the registration process, the platform asks for personal information: name, date of birth, email, telephone, address and even a photo of a valid ID.

Another annoying aspect is that each new user must take a selfie to confirm that the person opening the account is the same person who appears on the ID sent during the registration process. 

Verification of this process is not automatic and takes several days. The team that manages decides whether or not to enable the account after performing the relevant checks. It does not appear to be a fully automated process.

The website allows payments via Visa and Mastercard. So far it does not allow the use of MLC cards issued by Cuban banks.

To which provinces and municipalities in Cuba can the purchase be shipped?

According to conditions, delivery times can be up to 5 days in Havana (the capital city) and up to 7 days in the rest of the provinces. All home deliveries are free of charge.

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Delivery is made between 9:00 am and 7:00 pm. 

The store is divided into branches according to delivery locations: Pinar del Río, Artemisa, Havana and Mayabeque are those in the west.

Matanzas and Villa Clara belong to the same store, as well as Ciego de Avila and Sancti Spíritus, and Holguín, Las Tunas and Santiago de Cuba.

A store was recently reported to be opening in Camagüey, but so far it has no home delivery service.

Pinar del Río

Consolación del Sur

Los Palacios

Pinar del Río.

foreign exchange market in Cuba Cuba: Minister of Economy announces opening of foreign exchange market







Güira de Melena


San Antonio de los Baños

Bahía Honda

San Cristóbal y Candelaria







Melena del Sur

Nueva Paz

San José de las Lajas

San Nicolás de Bari

Santa Cruz del Norte




Ciénaga de Zapata


Jagüey Grande



Los Arabos



Pedro Betancourt


Unión de Reyes

Villa Clara

Santa Clara

Santo Domingo

Sancti Spíritus

Sancti Spíritus



Ciego de Ávila




Ciego de Ávila




Primero de enero



La tienda de Camagüey fue inaugurada el 14 de febrero de 2022, pero no ofrece envíos a domicilio. Los destinatarios de las compras pueden ir a recoger sus envíos y tienen tres días hábiles contados a partir de la aprobación de la orden. La oficina de Atención al cliente les avisará cuándo su orden esté lista para recoger. Para que el envío sea entregado es necesario que la persona a quien va dirigida la compra presente su carnet de identidad o el pasaporte

Lugar de recogida: Empresa Almacenes Universales S.A.

Dirección: Avenida Finlay Km 5 ½, (entrada a Fábrica de tubos), Municipio Camagüey

Horarios: lunes a viernes, de 9:00 a.m. hasta a 12:00 m. y de 1:00 p.m. a 4:00 p.m. Los días no laborables no se realizan entregas.

Las Tunas

Las Tunas

Puerto Padre



Santiago de Cuba

Santiago de Cuba

How to contact

Unfortunately the website has many errors, especially related to support and customer service.

From the online store itself they recommend that, if users have had any difficulty when buying or making payments through the platform, they can contact the store through the following email: [email protected].

Aspects you should know before buying

Before buying at you should know some essential details. 

There is a maximum limit per order of 6 cases/packs of beer and 5 cases/packs of malt. There is also a maximum monthly limit of 24 packs of beer and 20 packs of malt per buyer.

Before shopping at you should know that all purchases must be over $48 Canadian dollars.

And all purchases must be in packs, meaning you cannot purchase individual products: all purchases must be packs of 24 cans or bottles of beer.

Although 355 ml cans are most often on offer, 350 ml bottles can also occasionally be found in the online store.

The availability of offers may vary from store to store.

What can you buy at

These are the drinks that you can find in the online store

Cristal Beer

The fresh and clean taste of Cristal has historically dominated the Cuban market. This beer, perfect for a warm day, has an alcohol volume of 4.9%, and a light golden hue that complements its refreshing taste. It is Cuba’s favorite, as it is known.

Cristal Extra Beer

Light golden colored beer, with consistent natural foam. Aroma with subtle notes of grassy hops, light sulfur and light fruity tree esters. Moderate and balanced bitterness. Slight astringency and light acidity. Medium body. Clean and attractive finish. This beer has 5.2% alcohol by volume.

Bucanero Beer

Brewed in Cuba since 1990 with superior quality malt. Slightly dark lager beer, with a robust aroma and flavor. Bucanero Fuerte is brewed with fresh, natural ingredients and the perfect touch of hops. It has an alcohol content of 5.4%, amber color and is a 100% original beer from Cuba.

Bucanero Max Beer

Introduced in 2006, this is a unique premium beer that delicately balances strength and refinement. At 6.5% alcohol by volume, Bucanero Max is stronger than Bucanero, without sacrificing the robust and vigorous flavor of the Bucanero beer that Cubans know and love. Its secret brewing process combines the best selection of hops, water and malted barley.

Bucanero Malt

Non-alcoholic malt-based beverage with a sweet and smooth taste. This highly nutritious and stimulating drink has been a favorite of Cubans for decades. Its color is very dark and it is made with the best natural ingredients.

Cacique Beer

Created in the first decade of this century, this young beer is clear, has 4.5% alcohol and an exquisite blend. It is a classic Pilsner type beer, brewed in the eastern region of Cuba. Cacique brings together the freshness and indomitable strength of a leader. It is ideal for refreshment in the hot Caribbean climate.

Mayabe Beer

This light beer is very refreshing. It’s Pilsner malt, unique in the world, gives it a light flavor and produces a light golden color. Mystical and sensual, its alcohol content is only 4% by volume.

How many cases of beer can I buy at

The maximum purchase limit is 6 cases of beer -regardless of brand- and 5 cases of malt.

Users can only buy up to 24 cases of beer and 20 cases of malt in the same month.

When the quantity to be delivered exceeds 11 cases in the same destination, the 72-hour delivery condition for the capital, Havana, and 7 (one week) days for the rest of the provinces DOES NOT APPLY.

The platform reserves the right to indefinitely block users who, it says: “are detected trying to violate our restrictions”.

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