Cuba wants to stop the emigration of young Cubans with a scientific program

Cuban president Diaz-Canel with young people

Cuban President, Miguel Díaz-Canel, called on state entities and scientists to join an integral policy of attention to young people and children in order to stop the exodus of Cubans.

The Cuban Academy of Sciences will be the entity that will head the program, but they have not yet informed what will be its main lines of action or the concrete activities to be carried out.

In the midst of the current economic, political and social crisis suffered by the Cuban people, young people are emigrating massively. This makes the productive forces of the country weaker and weaker, since at the same time there is a high number of retirements.

Díaz-Canel asked the scientists to come up with quick proposals to solve the problems the country has been suffering for decades. Among them, impoverishment, the migratory crisis and the demographic dynamics in a country with an increasingly aging population.

In the last three months, more than 20,000 Cuban immigrants entered the United States irregularly through the Mexican border. The record number occurred in December, according to official statistics.

The data are worrying and show the migratory crisis Cuba is going through, marked by economic shortages, lack of freedoms, the lifting of restrictions on foreign travel imposed by the coronavirus pandemic and the opening of visa-free flights by the Nicaraguan government.

Díaz-Canel warned on Tuesday that if there is no differentiated attention to the youth “the continuity of the Revolution will be broken”. 

cuban and russian scientists Scientists from Cuba and Russia discuss material tests

The ruler considers that this political program created by scientists could help young people to “find their life project in the country”. He did not refer to the changes demanded by Cuban youth, in terms of freedom of expression and economic freedom.

The president demanded to include “projective things for the young people who are in Cuba and also for those we have outside, with whom we have to maintain a relationship”.

In the guidelines he gave to the scientists, he pointed out that “the look towards young people cannot be welfare-oriented”. However, it is necessary to get them to “participate in ideological, economic and social processes”.

The program must include training, education, employment, family and also housing, a problem that the Cuban government has not been able to solve in more than 60 years.

He indicated that the Housing Policy should include leasing facilities and micro-credits for young people. Currently, many Cubans sell their homes to leave the country, because they do not trust that the time will come to fulfill their dreams on the island.

He also referred to young people and children in vulnerable situations and said that actions should be aimed at social prevention, to prevent more people from entering this scenario. In October 2021, the ruler acknowledged that thousands of families live in poverty in Cuba.

Díaz-Canel indicated that the program to be developed by the Academy of Sciences will be systematically monitored by the government.

cuban scientists in italy Cuban scientists from the Finlay Institute of Vaccines make working visit to Italy

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