Industriales team roster for the 61st National Baseball Series announced

team roster industriales 2022

The Industriales team that will participate in the next Cuban baseball season was made official this week in a presentation in which the objective of going after the national title was ratified.

According to the statements of Industriales’ manager, Guillermo Carmona, the preparation started on November 15, at the Santiago Changa Mederos stadium fulfilled the expected objectives, with emphasis on the pitching and catching areas, the areas that are the weakest of the team, with young players that should take the lead in the next season.

The Leones’ main pitching coach, José Elosegui, commented that they have been working hard since the beginning of the preparation, especially on the strength of the pitchers’ muscles and elasticity, which, together with the improvement of the repertoire, will allow them to maintain stability in the box.

Five rookies appear in the roster of 40 registered players. The municipalities of Centro Habana, Boyeros and Diez de Octubre are the most represented, in a group with an average age of 26 years old.

It was also reported that experienced second baseman Juan Carlos Torriente will be the team’s captain.

Reinado García Zapata, governor of Havana, also highlighted the good preparation of the team and pondered that it has the necessary tools to achieve the goal of reaching the championship final and winning the national title.

Industriales will open the official schedule as a visitor against Artemisa, on January 25.

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The 61st National Series begins on January 23, in Bayamo, Granma, with the game between the locals and Matanzas, last season’s champion and runner-up, respectively.

Industriales team roster for the 61st National Baseball Series.


Oscar William Valdes Nogueira

Lazaro Humberto Ponce Oliva

Brayan Javier González Baños

Luis Pablo Alfonso Zaldívar


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Yasiel Santoya Zulueta

Walter Orlando Abreu Pacheco

Juan Carlos Torriente Núñez 

Wilfredo Yasel Aroche Jiménez

Jorge Enrique Alomá Herrera

Yamil Rivalta Griñán

Jorge Luis Barcelán Rodríguez

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Roberto Acevedo Shelton

Yusnier Rosabal Ortiz

Sandy Williams Menocal Mesa

Andrés Hernández Díaz

Donnie Boza Delgado (N)


Yosvani Peñalver Darcourt

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Alberto Calderón Montero

Yoassan Guillen Roowok

Dayron Blanco Díaz

Cristhian Hidalgo Chávez (N)


Pedro Ángel Álvarez Jiménez

Yandi Molina Barrios

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Marcos Ortega de los Ríos

Pavel Hernández Bruces

Hector Miguel Ponce Frenes

Erik Cristian Gonzalez Sanchez

David Mena Justiz

Raymond Figueredo Cruz

Andy Vargas Lescaille

Carlos Manuel Cuesta Hondares

Elder Nodal Suarez

Luis Lázaro Echazábal Rodríguez (N)

Remberto Barreto Grave de Peralta

Juan Xavier Peñalver Hernández

Maykel Taylor Muñoz

Omar Riesgo López (N)

Fher Cejas Pérez (N)

Gian Moisés Palacios Martínez

Silvano Hechavarría González (N)


Guillermo Rolando Carmona Casanova (Director)

Juan Javier Gálvez Córdova (Bench Coach)

Wilber de Armas Sotomayor (Auxiliary)

Alexander Malleta Kers (Assistant)

Cecilio Javier Drake Carrera (Physical Trainer)

Jose Eugenio Elósegui Sánchez (Pitching Coach)

Lazaro Valle Martell (Pitching Coach)

Fidel Ramírez Coll (Cargabates)

Francisco Andrés Aguilar Román (Doctor)

Yasel Contreras Pérez (Physical Therapist)

Yoan Hoyos Martínez (Psychologist)

Juan Carlos Díaz Valera (Statistician)

Alexis Alarcón Cabrera (Delegate)

Ernesto Alfonso Arias (Commissioner)

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