Who is Cuban Rebeca Martínez?

who is rebeca martinez from cuba?

Rebeca Martínez is a Cuban vocalist, actress, entertainer, and musical comedian recognized throughout Cuba for her participation in the television program “Para Bailar”, where she won first place along with Miguel Ángel Masjuán.

Beginnings in television

From a very young age, Rebeca received dance lessons at the Sociedad Artística Gallega, excelling in the Spanish genre and later in Latin American music. 

Her talent allowed her to perform in various institutions and care centers. She performed in labor centers, hospitals, cultural municipalities, and schools, among others.

Eventually, Rebeca was called to be part of the cast of children’s artists in television programs such as “Variedades Infantiles”, “A Jugar,” and “Escenario Escolar.” 

There, she debuted as a singer with songs such as “El Pastorcito,” “Por la vida y por la paz,” and “Rosas Blancas.”

Rebeca and music

At the age of seven, Rebeca began her piano studies at the Manuel Saumell Conservatory, while at the age of nine, she began to work in the radio station COCO, in the program “Páginas Infantiles” (Children’s Pages).

In this program, Rebeca narrated stories, conducted the section “Cosas Interesantes que debemos Conocer” (Interesting things we should know), and sang songs of renowned artists.

tanya cuba songwriter Tanya, the author of Rebeca Martínez’s “Porompompón,” says that the song was written “for fun”

She continued her piano studies at the Amadeo Roldán School and at the National School of Arts, where she completed her seventh year of study.

Thanks to her talent, Rebeca managed to stand out in Cuban culture, performing on television, in theaters, squares, and cinemas, both in Cuba and abroad.

Some of her songs have been very controversial, such as “La habitación,” released in February 2023.

Rebeca and dancing

Rebeca met Miguel Ángel Masjuán at the Sociedad Artística Gallega, where they both took Spanish and international dance classes.

Together, they prepared and performed in the competition of the most popular TV show of the time, “Para Bailar,” where they won first place.

From then on, Rebeca managed to stand out in the national and international artistic scene, performing on television, theaters, plazas, and cinemas, even filming in Germany and Cuba the co-production “Goat Horns” as a guest artist.

Rebeca Martínez, the love of men and the admiration of women

In the 1980s and 1990s, Rebeca Martínez was one of the most admired actresses by Cuban women, while for men, she became an icon of desire. 

Casabe Cuba Intangible Heritage of Humanity Casabe in Search of Recognition as Intangible Heritage of Humanity

In the television program “Gimnasia Musical Aerobia,” first aired in 1985, Rebeca appeared wearing tight-fitting spandex that emphasized her well-toned body and youthful face. 

Despite her desire not to be harassed, Rebeca constantly received letters from admirers, some of whom were not in their right mind.

On a few occasions, she even had to deal with the obsession of certain fans who followed her around asking her out or simply chatting with her.

During her career, Rebeca excelled in animation, acting, dancing, and singing, which led her to be considered a vedette, although she prefers not to claim that title.

Rebeca continues to show off her youthful figure and practices aerobic exercises at home, which she publishes on her social networks.

Although her fame has generated both love and hate, Rebeca prefers not to give too much importance to the titles and honors she has received throughout her career, as she believes they only generate problems.

Rebeca Martínez’s age, a mystery

The age of the beautiful Rebeca Martínez remains largely a mystery.

“The Havana Syndrome, a Sonic Attack and a Movie” “The Havana Syndrome, a Sonic Attack and a Movie”

We know that she was born on November 12 of some year in the 1960s. The most probable dates handled by different media indicate that she was born either on November 12 (that we know for sure) in 1969 or the more distant 1964. 

If so, the date indicates that Rebecca, in any case, would be in 2023 in an age range between 50 and 60 years old. What do you think?

For some people, she is 53 (for those who believe she was born in 1969), and for others, she is 58 years old.

What is certain is that Rebeca Martínez has achieved something very difficult, which is to hide her age for the world of frivolity and curiosity that social networks and the Internet represent in the 21st century.

How old is Rebeca? Perhaps it is not the most important thing, and perhaps the mystery contributes to increase the myth of a beauty that does not diminish.

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