Cuban singer Suylen Milanés, daughter of Pablo Milanés, has died

suylen milanes died

Cuban singer Suylen Milanés, daughter of Pablo Milanés, died this Sunday, January 30, at 5:20 a.m., in Havana, at the age of 50, due to a cerebral edema.

Suylen had been in the National Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery for several days and was reported serious and brain dead, after suffering a stroke last Thursday, January 27.

The news of her death was confirmed by the Spanish historian Nancy Pérez, Pablo Milanés’ current wife, who sent a message to the people who were following his evolution:

“Dear family and friends, I have preferred to send you this message because I know that many will continue to ask about our dear Suylen. His heart stopped beating a few hours ago. Pablo is serene because since the diagnosis of brain death he knew the outcome and has been suffering heartbreakingly within the extraordinary strength he has. We are all unwell but together: the children, the aunt, Pablo and myself and for his health, which is fragile, we will not go to Havana for the time being. We know that everyone is with us in the hardest moment of Pablo’s life. Thank you for so much love”.

Pablo Milanés is currently in Spain, where he has been living for some years with his current wife and his youngest children.

With deep sorrow the singer’s friends have said goodbye to the 50-year-old artist who, besides being a musician, was an event organizer and producer and director of the recording studio PM Records, founded by her father.

According to some family members, after suffering the stroke, the prognosis of the doctors who attended Suylen was “reserved”, since she had irreversible damage that finally caused her death.

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According to PM Records, Suylen’s artistic life began in the 1980s in the orchestra of Adalberto Álvarez y su Son, the group Monte de Espuma and in several collaborations in records and live concerts with his father, Pablo Milanés, and his sisters Lynn and Haydée. She was also part of the musical group Tesis de Menta.

“Her unwavering commitment to female empowerment leads her to create in 2020 the SOMOS Project, a space that aims to inspire those women in alternative music to defend their space in the path of the music industry”, they published.

By family decision, her body will be cremated and no public wake will be held.

Artists say goodbye to Suylen

Several artists were attentive to the evolution of the singer’s health. This Sunday they have left their condolences in publications on social networks.

In a post by her sister, Haydée Milanés, musician Chucho Valdés commented: “Dear Haydée, what a great pain! We embrace you in the distance. Much strength.

The Aragon Orchestra, singer Leoni Torres and his wife actress Yuliet Cruz, troubadour Adrian Berazain, Cuban humorist Diego Alvarez (Cortico), musicians Orlando del Valle (Maraca), Carlos and Eme Alfonso, Issac Delgado, Zule Guerra, dancer and director Litz Alfonso, among many other figures of Cuban culture, also publicly expressed their sorrow for the singer’s death.

Carlos Rodríguez, Cuban producer, wrote in his social networks that “Suylén Milanés is a great extraordinary person, hard worker, with an artistic career since she was a child, one of those people who help everyone, producer and great promoter of the new musical values of our country, friend above all. The lump in my throat was again when I heard yesterday the news of her serious condition, sad, very sad”.

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Suylén was the third of Pablo Milanés’ nine children. Sister of the better known Lynn, Liam and Haydée. Sister also of Antonio and two twins of Pablo with his current wife, Galician historian Nancy Perez. Suylén was a twin with Liam and, along with Lynn, were Pablo’s three daughters from his relationship with Yolanda Benett, the woman who inspired Pablo’s popular song.

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