Cannibalism? Cuba investigates a case of alleged human flesh trafficking in a hospital

human flesh trafficking Cuba

The Public Health of Santiago de Cuba has confirmed that two employees of the Doctor Ambrosio Grillo Portuondo Hospital have been arrested after “hearts of possible human origin” were seized.

The news follows a wave of rumors on the matter, which had been denounced last Friday by a Twitter user who demanded explanations about this “terrifying and creepy” fact.

The Ministry of Public Health of Santiago de Cuba has published a note on its Facebook page in which it confirms that two hospital workers, an eviscerator and an occupational therapy worker, have been detained on December 9, 2022 as suspects of a crime, after two hearts of possible human origin were found on them.

The entity adds that both employees are being investigated by the National Revolutionary Police and a commission of the health sector while the case is being clarified.

The note has generated hundreds of comments from Internet users requesting more information about what happened.

Cuba’s Ministry of Public Health issued an infrequent note alluding to a complaint about the Ambrosio Grillo Hospital, near the Cobre Sanctuary, after Yannis Estrada alerted about a terrifying and horrifying event.

According to the complaint, published on Twitter, an employee of the hospital was sentenced to 30 years in prison for extracting organs and body fat from the deceased to grind them and sell them as minced meat.

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Sources of activism and religious life in Santiago de Cuba had confirmed the existence of the rumor, without express confirmation. It was noteworthy that hospital workers began to show fear when talking about the matter, although they did not deny the accusation outright.

Readers of the note from the Ministry of Health of Santiago de Cuba reacted with discomfort and demanded a detailed investigation.

Some believe that the punishment should be severe and warn that there are more responsible parties involved, while others mention the economic crisis and food adulteration that has caused shortages.

Some have recalled in the comments urban legends and confirmed cases of food adulteration during the economic crisis of the 1990s, known as the Special Period.

Recently, the video of Cuban children apparently skinning cats to eat them has also generated concern.

Until now, the Cuban government had kept silent about these incidents, but the Ambrosio Grillo Portuondo hospital case seems to have forced it to speak out on an issue that has been the talk of the Christmas holidays in Cuba.

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