Instability of ETECSA’s services puts Cubans’ cell phones at risk

etecsa cuba technical problems

The Empresa de Telecomunicaciones de Cuba S.A. (ETECSA) has reported twice in less than 10 days that problems in its equipment have caused instability in the mobile data Internet connection.

Last March 15, a breakage in the fiber optic cables caused users to be without mobile data service for several hours, which was later reestablished.

“ETECSA informs that the operation of the Fiber Optic link interrupted by a cut that occurred yesterday in a public road in the capital was reestablished, which caused the partial affectation of the Internet navigation service through mobile telephony,” they said in an institutional note.

“The repair of this link will allow to gradually recover the usual traffic levels. Some users may continue to perceive slowness in this service, especially during peak hours. Our specialists will continue to receive complaints, analyze and respond to each case.

However, this Thursday morning, March 24, they have informed that “due to a power failure, there has been instability in the voice, SMS, mobile data service, as well as the recharge and purchase of packages”.

“At this moment the affected equipment has already been recovered, which will allow us to restore services progressively. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause,” they published.

Criticism from users has been directed, fundamentally, that the lack of timely information about these breaks and failures causes in many cases to reboot in phones, disable applications, and in general, blame the mobile devices for the problems in the connection by data.

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“Ah, but I don’t understand anything. It’s been more than 15 days since I’ve been using airplane mode to connect. I’m like the meme that from so much airplane mode I already went around Europe,” said one of the users.

“The truth is that every week there is a problem with the connections and it is already impossible to know when it is true and when it is a lie. That’s called lack of credibility,” argued another forum member.

“It would be good ETECSA, if you send a little message or something because I’m going to end up with my cell phone. I almost restored it to factory settings,” lamented one user.

Users also alluded to how contradictory it is that while the XVIII International Convention and Fair Informática 2022 is being held in Cuba to show the development of telecommunications in the country, connections are worse than ever.

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