Cuba will host the 69th World Cocktail Championship

Cuba Cocktail Championship

Cuba will host the 69th World Cocktail Championship, to be held from November 4 to 9, 2022, at the Meliá Internacional Hotel in Varadero, as announced Tuesday by José Rafa Malém, president of the Cuban Bartenders Association (ACC).

At a press conference, Rafa Malém informed that members of the International Bartenders Association (IBA) are supervising the preparations for the meeting at that hotel facility, which is part of the properties of Cuba’s Gran Caribe group and is managed by Meliá Hotels International.

The hotel boasts quality products, impeccable service, cleanliness and a highly-trained staff, elements that make the Meliá Internacional de Varadero Hotel the perfect venue for the great international cocktail event.

According to the statement published by the Association of Cuban Bartenders (ACC) on its Facebook page, the selected hotel has a magical and incomparable environment to host the cocktail competition.

With a convention area that exceeds 2,000 square meters in halls, and alternative locations by the pool, beach and gardens, the Meliá Internacional Varadero has many facilities to host the contest.

Added to this is the variety of accommodation options in standard rooms, junior suites and suites, and the gastronomic offer that includes a boulevard with more than 20 culinary spaces.

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In 2018, Havana was declared Ibero-American Capital of Cocktails. So it is no coincidence that the IBA has chosen the Greater of the Antilles as the venue for the next world cocktail championship.

Cuba also has a world cocktail champion, five Pan-American championships, three President’s Cups and other international awards.

Cuba also boasts 10 classic cocktails known around the world, such as the Daiquiri and the Mojito.

Nearly 100 years ago, Havana was the epicenter of the world’s bars. The place of the best, most creative and spectacular bartenders.

From the hands of those bartenders came dozens of drinks that used national liquors and beverages mixed with the most internationally known ones.

Several Cuban drinks or cocktails have reached worldwide diffusion and today are part of the catalog of any bar in the world.

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The most famous Cuban cocktails


The Cuban drink called Cubalibre is made by combining cola, rum and lemon juice.

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It is usually made using aged rum, Coca-Cola, lemon, salt, mineral water and sugar.

Sometimes it is known informally as Cubata, in Mexico it is simply called “Cuba” and in Spain “Cubalibre”.

In some Spanish communities the terms cubalibre and cubata have been extended to any drink resulting from mixing soft drinks and high alcoholic beverages.


The mojito, a well-known drink with Cuban roots, is made with rum, lime, sugar (usually made with sugar cane juice), mint or eucalyptus and mineral water.

The flavor of the rum is complemented by the sweetness, citrus and mint of the mojito, making it one of the favorite summer drinks.

To make a mojito, fresh lime juice, sugar (or simple syrup) and mint leaves are combined. A muddler is used to gently crush the mixture.

After adding the rum, the liquid is shaken briefly to help the sugar dissolve and the mint leaves rise to the top for a more attractive appearance.

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The drink is topped off with sparkling water and crushed ice. The glass is garnished with lime wedges and mint leaves.


The canchánchara, one of the most popular and traditional Cuban drinks, is best known for being the first Cuban cocktail dating back to the time of the wars against Spain.

The cocktail was developed by Cuba’s eastern mambises, warriors for freedom and independence.

According to tradition, they prepared a hot drink based on aguardiente and honey to energize and strengthen themselves during combat.

International Bartenders Association (IBA)

At the Grand Hotel Saloon in Torquay, England, on Saturday, February 24, 1951, the International Bartenders Association was established.

This day is still recognized as International Bartenders’ Day throughout the world.

The main objectives of the Association are to support high standards of competence and behavior for the benefit and advancement of the bartending profession, as well as to establish and maintain international relations between members of the guild.

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