Desperate Cuban Mother Resorts to Selling Her Hair to Acquire School Supplies for Her Son

Desperate Cuban Mother Resorts to Selling Her Hair to Acquire School Supplies for Her Son

A Cuban mother, Leidy González, has made the painful decision to sell her hair to raise funds for purchasing school supplies for her son.

Despite working tirelessly, Leidy’s economic resources are insufficient to cover her family’s basic needs. “As soon as I get some money, I run out of rice, chicken, or even the most minimal food provisions,” she confesses desperately. 

Seeking Help on Social Media

Leidy, a member of the Facebook group “Cuban Mothers in Cuba and Around the World,” made a plea to other mothers, seeking advice on how to sell her hair.

Her post did not go unnoticed, and other mothers shared their solidarity with her, as well as tips for making the sale.

“What women have to do to support our children in these times of crisis is not easy. I wish you the best of luck,” one of the mothers commented in response to her post.

The Heartbreaking Cuban Context

Leidy González’s story reflects the severe economic crisis affecting Cuba, where inflation and low wages force many mothers to resort to extreme measures to provide minimal sustenance for their children.

Many can barely feed their children the basics, much less offer them any luxuries.

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Another mother, whose name has not been revealed, also sold her hair as a last resort to buy food at exorbitant prices. 

Similar Cases Reflect the Dire Situation

In previous months, a similar case generated dismay on the social network when a mother offered a lock of her hair in exchange for clothes for a seven-month-old girl or diapers and baby wipes.

The mother, identified as Kamila Valdés, confirmed that the hair offered for sale or trade was hers and shared a photo of her ponytail.

The complex reality faced by mothers like Leidy and Kamila reflects the profound crisis that Cuba is experiencing and highlights the urgent need for changes and support for these families.

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